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Big Brother 19: Has Paul Just Become The Smartest Player in History?!

PAUL is in the finals!!! He could actually win this time!! (He lost last season!) He has played the house so well that NOBODY ever puts him on the block!! Putting him on the block is never even discussed! I have been watching this season with my mouth on the floor!!

What do you think?!

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Remembering 9/11 Sixteen Years Later

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Super Organizer Saturday: Look at Your Rugs!


We walk on our rugs ALL the time Some of us take our shoes off inside our homes, others don’t. Either way there is a lot of wear and tear on them. They can get really dirty EVEN if they don’t look it!

First of all wash your rugs on a regular basis.If you are looking for a schedule, then once of month for smaller rugs that aren’t walked on a lot . Twice a month for bathroom rugs!! For giant rugs , steam clean those several times a year.

After a year or two, take a look at your rugs and get rid of ones that are holey or torn , severely discolored, ratty, etc.

Personally I am not a fan of carpet deodorizers that you sprinkle on rugs. I I am a fan of Febreze and using that every once in awhile.)  Of course if you can vacuum rugs, do at least several times a week!

I am trying to remind us of those things we kind of take for granted!!

Look at your rugs now!

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August Quotes To Get Us Motivated!

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Image result for august quotesImage result for august quotes

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Big Brother 19: Paul- Like, Dislike or Just Good TV!


Last season at the beginning I said to all my fellow watchers Paul could go far if he calmed down. At that point he was playing hard and getting on peoples nerves. I saw through it and could hear that he was a smart guy and knew the game. And later in the season, he calmed down and made it to the end!

So CBS and Big Brother decided to bring him back this season. They have brought vets on before, so its not the first time. AS i talk to people and read online, i am seeing folks divided on him. So Do you like him? do you dislike him? or does it matter? Is he good TV regardless???

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Big Brother 19: Do You Think The Producers Are Heavily Manipulating The Game?

Its that time of year and I LOVE my Big Brother on CBS. This season is off with a bang! They found folks who are wanting to play hard early in the game (which never works) and they brought back fan fav Paul to the show. I like Paul but if i was playing the game, he would’ve been out first. oh but he couldn’t because of the 3 week immunity he received. It lead to question, what that a tactic to keep Paul in the game for at least the beginning? he makes good TV?

And Cody who was making good TV, is voted out, but now there is a chance he (or the others voted out) can get back in. Hmm..

Also WE don’t know how the votes go from “America”, JESSICA gets the “halting” pass from the den of temptation. hmm..

Speculation for years has been that producers have some hand in things. I don’t know for sure. If you are a fan and viewer, I would love to know what YOU think?

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The Super Organizer Question: Are Professional Organizers Expensive?

Yes and No.

There are a wide range of organizers and as many rates. Always remember they are a legitimate service like any other out there. Some organizers have specialties that are specific and may be best for you. Some organizers have years of experience to bring to you and your space.

It will depend on how they set up their rates. It may be hourly. It may be by package fo sessions or number of hours. They will come and assess then consult with you, then give you prices. Some make work with you on payment plans while others may want a deposit.

Remember you have a commitment to yourself and having a clutter free life. They can help you! Contact several organizers. Find the best one for you! And keep in the back of your mind….you do get what you pay for most times. That can be positive and negative.

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