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Super Thought Of The Day- The Positive Way!

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I operate from this model in business and all collaborations!!! 

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It’s April!! Here’s Some Quotes to Motivate Us!!

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It Ain’t Much If It Ain’t Dutch/Het is niet veel als het niet Nederlands is!

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Ik kom uit Nederlandse roots! Ik heb volgers die Nederlands zijn. Ik wilde hen bedanken in hun eigen taal voor het lezen van mijn blogs en het luisteren naar mijn radioprogramma The SOS Show met James Lott Jr. Ik zal van tijd tot tijd in het Nederlands posten. Ik probeer mijn berichten internationaler te maken in taal (talen).

Als er Nederlandse organisatoren zijn, neem dan alsjeblieft contact met me op !!!

Blijf georganiseerd!


I come from Dutch roots! I have followers who are Dutch. I wanted to thank them in their own language for reading my blogs and listening to my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr. I will post in Dutch from time to time. I try to make my messages more international in language (s).

If there are Dutch organizers, please contact me !!!

Stay organized!


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Positive Christmas Quotes To Motivate and Comfort Us!

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Guest Blog: How To Decorate Safely For The Holidays

As we approach our 4 Year anniversary as a blog,I am opening the blog up to guest blogs! People in my industry or neighboring industries who have something valuable to share! My first guest blogger is Aimee Lyons of 

Decorating for the holidays can be a large part of the fun. However, there are some things you should do to make sure everyone stays safe. With a little planning, you can have a happy holiday season with no unfortunate surprises. Here are tips for safe decorating:

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Additional Holiday Safety Resources:


  1. Christmas tree care tips

You might think all the hard work is through once you wrangle your tree through the door, wrap it in lights, and hang the last ornament, but it requires maintenance to keep it looking festive through the holidays. Water your tree daily to keep it from drying out, and make sure there is always enough water to cover the base.

  1. Dangerous winter holiday plants for humans and pets

Who knew a plant could pose such a large risk? For example, mistletoe, a holiday staple, contains substances that are extremely toxic to both dogs and cats. If a large enough amount is ingested, the result could be fatal. Even the Christmas tree poses a risk, as eating the needles could lead to choking, or an upset stomach at the very least. If you will be putting up a real tree, make sure to keep the needles vacuumed up, especially if you have animals or small children that like to taste everything they come across.

  1. Holiday lighting safety

While it might be tempting to leave your holiday lights on while you are away or sleeping for others to enjoy as they pass by, keep it mind that all it takes is a small short or spark for a fire to break out. Play it safe this season and turn everything off when you won’t be around.


  1. Child-safe decorating tips

The holiday season is filled with excitement, and seeing the decorations go up only increases the anticipation. Make sure your holiday decor is child-safe by placing unbreakable ornaments on the lower branches of the tree, and hanging the fragile ones yourself. Make sure all extension cords are taped down and tucked away (out of sight, out of mind), and consider using command hooks rather than weighted stocking holders to avoid injury from a little hand pulling it down.


  1. Tips for decoration storage

In order to continue using your holiday decorations year after year, it is important that you store them properly to maintain their shape and quality. Whether you use boxes, bags, tissue paper, or your own unique contraption, make sure your decor isn’t getting crushed so that it will still look merry and bright next year.

  1. Find a recycling center near you

Unless you open your gifts with care, you are likely left with a pile of shredded holiday paper that can’t be salvaged; not to mention you have a stack of holiday cards from friends and family piling up. Paper can be recycled, so find a recycling center near you. You might even be able to recycle old lights at your local hardware store.


Now that you know how to care for your tree and decorate safely, your family and pets can look forward to a safe and fun holiday season. Light the lights, brew some hot chocolate, and enjoy!


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November Quotes To Get You Motivated

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Big Brother 19: Has Paul Just Become The Smartest Player in History?!

PAUL is in the finals!!! He could actually win this time!! (He lost last season!) He has played the house so well that NOBODY ever puts him on the block!! Putting him on the block is never even discussed! I have been watching this season with my mouth on the floor!!

What do you think?!

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