Guest Blogger Jackie Waters: Relocate or Renovate: Considerations for Improving Your Home or Moving




If you’re wondering whether you should remodel your current home or move to a new one, there are a few primary considerations you should know about. This can make it easier for you to make a decision and move forward in an organized way. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Organization the Answer?

Before you move away, you should assess what you need in terms of space. Are you interested in having more rooms, or do you need a more suitable layout? According to This Old House, you can get more space by converting unused rooms or spaces into what you need. For example, attics and basement can become living spaces with the right improvements. If you don’t have these options, you may be able to create an additional room if you have a layout for it. In case your current home definitely can’t meet any of those requirements for remodeling, then it’s possible that it’s better for you to move on.

What’s Your Budget?

The amount of money you have to spend can be a key determining factor. According to the Remodeling Calculator, the cost of your remodel can depend on what you need to be done as well as the cost of work in your area. On average, a bathroom remodel can cost a little above $11,000, while a kitchen remodel can be about $13,000. If you have a lot of things to do, the costs can really add up, but at least you can do remodels a bit at a time. Selling your home can also come with its own costs such as important repairs and closing costs. On top of that, you’ll need to do your research to compare what your home is worth to the average selling price of the home you want. If you don’t have the right budget, it might be hard to find that dream house.

Do You Have the Time?

Having your home remodeled can really disrupt your life with noise, dust, and debris. This can be a lot of deal with depending on how long it takes. According to House Logic, while a basement conversion can take up to three weeks, a complete kitchen makeover can take you out of your comfort zone for three months. It can take even longer if you decide to do some of the work yourself. On the other hand, selling your home can take a little over two months. and getting the home you want may take three months. In this case, the timeline is about the same for relocating and the most significant remodeling projects but unless you’re undertaking some major repairs, you won’t be buried under rubble while you wait to sell.

Use the Right Professionals

If you decide to remodel, then consider some of the projects that will not only improve your home but increase its value. Adding a deck or creating a grand entrance area can get you some good returns. You will also see the benefits of remodeling your existing kitchen or bathrooms. Where additions are concerned, putting in another bathroom and master suite can be great. When you’re looking for contractors, make sure to get recommendations and ask for samples of their work. Your ideal contractor must be licensed and have adequate insurance. It’s best to get references so you can find out what they’re like to work with as well. Finally, watch out for how they respond to you during your meeting, as you’ll want to be comfortable with them.

It’s not always easy to make a decision about whether you should move to another home or work on the one you have. As you’re thinking about it, make sure you determine how much money and time you’re willing to spend as well as what your absolute must-haves are.

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The Super Organizer Goes French..Sort Of..

It 2020 and The Super Organizer Show with James Lott Jr aka The SOS Show and I am working on ways to get the show a bigger reach. I put the show on French app Deezer. Deezer is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline. http://www.deezer.com

The show is now available on Spotlify! I love Spotlify and the show joins my music that is already on there.



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A Quote From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr I Love!

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6 Years As A Blogger Today!

Image result for 6th anniversary
Today my blog turns 6 years old. I’ve been a blogger for six years! So many things come to mind for me to comment on, but I will start with this…
Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a blog post of mine. Thank you for liking it or commenting on it. Thank you for choosing to follow me and this blog when I know you have many choices. 
I want to thank my brother J R LeMar for helping me set up this blog. He sat down with me and talked me thru step by step. He is a longtime blogger with a great one called 
This blog has grown and changed over the years. I have added guest bloggers and anyone out there who wants to be a guest blogger please contact me and lets talk!
Doing this blog has enriched my life so much and I am now looking to the next 6 years! I have some things I am going to introduce and things I am going to try and see how they are received, I will continue to post bilingual books in Spanish and Dutch.  I have an international audience and I want to speak to more of them outside of the US. 
Cheers to a great new decade and a new year 2020! I wish you all success in every area of your life! 
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Happy New Decade!!!

Image result for happy 2020 wishes


Image result for happy 2020 wishes

Image result for happy 2020 wishes

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Do You Already Have Gifts In Your Home???

Years ago I wrote a blog post on regifting and it caused a stir. People were divided. Some thought it was bad and others agreed with me and the benefits of passing items along to others. Many of the objections came from an emotional place.Some people felt it was disrespectful to regift something someone gave you. They bought it for you and you don’t care about them if you give it to someone else.
My view then and still today is from a Professional Organizer perspective. I go into so many homes, garages, offices and inevitably there will be gifts sitting there, unused, collecting dust and taking up space. I feel that’s not good. Why not let that item get used in the world by someone who will use it. And that’s the key to regifting or passing someone along to someone else, you have to really know if it is some useful to them. Don’t just pass things on to get rid of them.
It is not an indictment on the gift giver. Sometimes people will buy you things they think you might like or need. Or you get multiples of the same thing. And sometimes it is simply something you would never wear or like. It just happens. And you have to break the habit of feeling bad and just keeping it just in case they ask about it. Rarely that happens.
I have a person in my life with a shopping addiction, so there are times she will get me things I don’t want or need. That can be hard. So I take them and most of the time i get rid of them. She may ask once in the beginning about it and I politely just say it’s great . Lol Then she never asks again.
It’s your space and you are a grown up, you should have whatever you want in your home without having to explain or defend yourself. And all these items should go to people who can really use them.
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Guest Blogger: Jackie Waters- Transforming Your Garage Into Your Home Office!

Office, Shelf, Desk, Interior Design, Living Room

Photo by Pixabay

More people are working from home these days, which makes the idea of having a home office go from a luxury to a necessity. If you don’t have room inside your home for an office, an even better option is to use your garage. Your garage space is full of potential, and it gives you plenty of room to work with, so you can create the office that fits exactly what you want and need.


Browse Design Ideas

When you’ve decided that a garage-turned-office is the solution you’ve been looking for, the first step is to figure out exactly what your dream home office will look like. The easiest way to get ideas is to search online for images you find exciting. You can either just look for inspiration or collect them on a website like Pinterest to refer to later.


Along with determining the look and feel you’re going for, you also want to brainstorm about what you need from a home office when it comes to practical matters. For example, an architect will need a completely different space than someone who runs a web-based business. You want to think about the right layout, the right furniture, and whether you need space for guests. Will you have clients or customers who visit? HomeAdvisor explains that all of these questions will go into planning your space so that it accomplishes what you need.


Make it Functional

After the brainstorming session comes the time to put it into action. Creating a functional space should achieve two things: logistical requirements so that it’s a space where you can work, and comfort so that it’s a space where you actually want to work. This begins by deciding things like whether you will stain the concrete floor, and whether you need to drywall the room.


Office Essentials: The obvious office essentials include furniture pieces like a desk, chair, and storage. Besides furniture, a functional office also needs an electrical supply so you can have power for lighting and electronics. One detail to keep in mind is how you’ll access the internet since most garages aren’t wired for the internet, and having wire run can be expensive.


In this case, a simple option is to use a hotspot device. These devices that enable internet access, like a jetpack or global modem, are affordable to buy, and as long as you have an unlimited data plan, there’s little to no ongoing cost after your initial investment. Plus, this is something that you may even be able to write off on your taxes as a business expense.


Layout and Storage: The best layout for your home office will depend on what your everyday work routine looks like. For example, if you have clients visit you may want a conversational seating area that’s separate from your work space. Planning your storage is another element that ties into the layout because you want to have easy access to everything without the risk of clutter creeping in.


The most important step for preventing clutter is to make sure everything has a place. So for paperwork, you could go with a traditional filing cabinet or decorative boxes on open shelves to keep papers and miscellaneous items organized. And while you set up storage for the big things, don’t forget the small stuff too, like charging cables and other electronics.


During the planning process, it’s smart to consider whether you have anything in your garage currently that will still require storage. One idea for keeping these things organized, especially ones you don’t need to access often, is to follow the advice of DIY Network and build loft storage at the top of the garage.


Some of these details, like finding the right storage solutions, can present a challenge with getting your garage-turned-office setup just right. The great thing is that a garage truly is a space that has limitless potential. All you have to do is form the best plan for your needs and bring your vision to life!

You can reach Jackie Waters at

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