Super Definition Of The Day: What is the Dictionary Definition of Achievable


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v. a·chieveda·chiev·inga·chieves

1. To gain with effort or despite difficulty; reach: achieve fame as a singer; achieve a record speed.
2. To succeed in accomplishing; bring about: achieve a task; achieve an improvement in foreign relations. SeeSynonyms at perform.

To accomplish something successfully; perform at a standard or above standard level: skills needed to achieve inschool.

[Middle English achevenfrom Old French acheverfrom chief (venir)(to come) to a headsee chief.]

a·chiev′a·ble adj.
a·chiev′er n.


Super Definition Of The Day: What Is The Dictionary Definition of Awareness



aware·​ness | \ ə-ˈwer-nəs  \

Definition of awareness

the quality or state of being aware knowledge and understanding that something is happening or existspromoting a heightened awareness of the problemseemed to have only a slight awareness of what was going onan acute awareness of subtle differencesThey hope to raise awareness of endangered species, encouraging donations and attracting tourists to the region to support conservation efforts.— New ScientistThe alternative press played a particularly important role in raising political awareness and facilitating mobilization against the regime in South Africa …— Larry Diamond

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Super Definition Of The Day: What is the Dictionary Definition of Organize?



or·​ga·​nize | \ ˈȯr-gə-ˌnīz  \

Definition of organize

transitive verb

1to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole INTEGRATEtrying to organize her thoughts
2ato set up an administrative structure fororganize a company to manufacture his invention
bto persuade to associate in an organizationespecially UNIONIZEorganize the white-collar workers
3to arrange by systematic planning and united effortorganize a tour of the campus for the new students
4to cause to develop an organic structure
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March Forth on March 4th

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And I am also treating it as a verb! March forth on March 4th! 

I invite every person who reads this blog to pick 4 things that they havent either: worn, read, or used AND USE THEM TODAY!! 

Wear those shoes!
Read that magazine sitting on your table!

Try it and let me know!

I’m gonna do it too and post my four things on here! 


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March Quotes Of Motivation!

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Super Tip Thursday: Rotating Everything Will Help You See Your Items

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It’s a practice I do at home and suggest to all of my clients. I started doing it to see what I actually owned. It morphed into a regular thing where everything gets USED. I ROTATE EVERTHING!!!

Whaate t does that mean? I pick a different pair of shoes every other day and wear them. I have set up my closet that my shirts are hung in a row and grouped together and i pick from the front and wear that shirt and work my way back. When I do laundry I put those shirts in the back of the line.

Another example, my tupperware. Of course I use the appropriate size for what I need, but like most of you I have several of the same sizes. I pick different one.

The results:

  1. You see everything you have
  2. Items last longer
  3. money saver
  4. You can get rid of things you DON’T use
  5. variety

Try in everything! Food. Towels. the list goes on…

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Super Thought Of The Day: Practicing Self Care

I’m not feeling well today as i write this. Nothing related to my bells palsy (for a change) just a regular cold. I have been organizing a lot since I’ve been back in LA and I think I got run down. Self care is a big issue for me! Meaning, I fully believe in it. So i took the day off to rest.

I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what it needs. How many of us DON’T do that?  How many of us just push thru? I decided that I need to take care of my self but also those around me . I have a job today that I cancelled. I do not want to get my client sick and she get her family sick. That isn’t good. Also not all money is good money and I know especially when you are an entrepreneur, the tendency is to work no matter what! But that’s not good!

I choose to protect the village and get better so that I can better serve my community!

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