Think About Your Tomorrow Self

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I was talking with a client while organizing and she brought up a quote that is helping her get things done TODAY! Unfortunately she couldn’t remember who wrote or said the quote but it was one of procrastination and a way to look at it in your life. I always talk about time management being one of the keys to a successful organized life. I also talk about how procrastination is not your friend! The quote basically talks about not starting today affects your tomorrow and possibly in a negative way.

Lets break that down.You have a deadline, or a project that needs to be done, If you don’t start to work on it today, then you will be busy, or hurried, or stressed out tomorrow trying to do it. Last minute is NOT good. Do things when you have time to do them and are NOT rushed. Tha’ts why I say take the extra few minutes and pick out your clothes for the next day and/or make that lunch that night. Literally that will shave time off and you gain that time back!!

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The person who did the quote called it thinking about your tomorrow self! I like that! Your tomorrow self! I want to be kind to my tomorrow self , so i do things today that will ensure that my tomorrow self have a good day. Hopefully! It’s a great way to look at something and get disciplined and motviated!

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9 Years Ago Today…



It’s Jan 16th, 2017 and as I wake up in Los Angeles I think about when I arrived early in the morning on Jan 16th, 2009 with my best friend Michelle and a van full of the last items I had in San Francisco. Some of my friends thought I’d be back in SF in no time. Others really believed in me and my decision to leave for good. As I pulled up to my house where I grew up in and was about to live in with my younger brother JR, I was feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. I really didn’t know what my life would be like back in Los Angeles after 22 years living elsewhere.

Today on Jan 16th, 2017, I wake up in Los Angeles and I think about how I’m starting over again. I had a whole life happen in between and now some events have led me to have to reconstructing my life. I’m filled with excitement and nerves once again. There is so much ahead of me. I am in the middle of a rebirth. I think back to my original thoughts back in 2008 about returning to LA and seeing if I can make a life here. I made a life here and now I’m changing and growing at I head to one decade here.

The lesson is to try. The lesson is to take a chance. The lesson is to feel your gut. The lesson is that you never know. The lesson is that you can change and grow and reinvent yourself anytime. The lesson for ME is that I can do anything!

Happy Moving Back TO LA Anniversary! to me!

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Dr. MLK Jr was a Man for ALL of US!

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Friday the 13th!!

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Friday the 13th tickles me! I know people who still get nervous on the day! LOL

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In reality its just another Friday of the month! I say do something unexpected today! Do something you may not normally do! Enjoy!

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It’s Okay To Change Your Mind and Direction

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It is okay to change jobs.

It is okay to change homes.

It is okay to change career paths.

It’s okay to leave a relationship.

It’s okay to ask for what you want in a relationship.

it’s okay for you to say NO.

It’s okay for you to say YES and then after some thought, say NO!

And vice versa.

It’s okay to be in the wrong.

It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

It’s okay to NOT be perfect.

I want to valid your feelings of changing your mind or changing your direction. If it’s to better your life, then I’m all for it! There is no set path or one way to get somewhere.

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I Dare You To Do This ONE Thing Today!



You are committed to having the best life possible, right?

You want to get and BE organized in your personal space, right??


I am giving YOU a challenge today!


Get rid of five things!

It doesn’t matter to me what those five things are! It doesn’t matter to me WHY you choose those five things! Many times we have to physically remove stuff out of our spaces to get organized! SO choose five things TODAY and get rid of them! Take them out of your space!

Donate, throw out (if its trashed), pass on to someone….get it out of your space!

I dare you!!!

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Music I Like To Organize TO: Anastacia


Anastacia!!I LOVE HER!! She has a powerful voice and many of her songs are strong, upbeat, positive songs!! Great beats! I always feel motivated when I put her on and organize and clean!

She’s American who found fame in Europe!! You can go to for more on her!




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