Changing The Way You Look At Change

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I’ve had to deal with a lot of change this last year and sometimes it feels forced upon me. I had to really change my way of thinking. Really change my way of looking at it. Even though it may look and feel forced in the moment, it really isn’t.

Everything we do affects everything that is to come. Every action has a reaction right?! I had to remind myself this fact. Knowing that this is a fact has begun to help me change my attitude. First of all change is necessary. I want the best life possible so change is essential to that happening..I may not like some of the things or how it happens and that is okay. Yes it is okay not to like how something goes down. But remember that it is necessary!

As I look back at many of the changes, I can see the growth I’ve made and how far i’ve come from some of the situations.THAT feels good. That feels like an accomplishment. I have to remind myself that I want to get to that feeling. And that helps me in the meantime. I can make it through the pain. It is painful. Growth spurts are.

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Sort Out Sunday: Tape Measures Are Your Best Friend In Limited Spaces

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You need a tape measure in your life!! They cost anywhere from $2 to $60 bucks.

If you are working with a limited space, then you need one of these. Before you by bins or put of shelves or build furniture from IKEA, measuring your spaces will help you immensely. Think of your space as a jigsaw puzzle. You want the right size things in your house. You don’t want bulky stuff taking up too much space. It will really help you in the organization process.

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Super Organizer Monday: A New Era


935373_1059872990720767_9191733154710306690_nHello everyone! How Are you today? I am doing okay these days. I took two months off to soul search and re-evaluate my life and situations. It was the best thing I could do for myself. Self Care is very important!! I left my home of LA to do the thinking! Another great decision I made. Sometimes is good to extricate yourself from your surroundings and go somewhere! I went all over the country and parts of Canada! I enjoyed it so much, I might do it again later on in the year!

I found myself. I was able to let go of things. I was able to come up with tighter ideas. I’m much calmer now. I have made some changes since I’ve been back, One of them is the major purge at my house. I’ve gotten rid of half of a small room size of stuff!!!! I’ve let certain toxic friendships go. And I made the decision to leave Adrenaline radio where I just celebrated 2 years there. They gave me a chance and a start. Other opportunities came up and I had to make a decision. My show The Super Organizer Show will continue, probably as a podcast for now. I will produce that myself. I want to thank them for everything!

Change can be good. You can survive change. Self care is the best care!

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I Still Pinch Myself That I Have a Radio Show


This weekend is my 1 year anniversary of the relaunch of my radio show The Super Organizer Show. (aka The SOS Show). Its been been a total of 2 years on air! I’m on iTunes and iHeartRadio. I still can’t believe I can go to several platforms and find a show with my name on it! Dreams can come true. Sometimes the dreams seem so far away or out of reach. But you never know what can come your way and happen. A guest of mine told me once to stay in line and your turn will come. i like that!

I am in gratitude to Adrenaline Radio and my engineer Bryan! I love my listeners! I love when people share with me aspects of my shows. I appreciate all my guests who come on and share knowledge. i love doing the show and I am working on some great stuff for the next year.

I will be doing more remote shows! I am talking to more people to come on the show! I am also thinking of maybe a video component. Stay tuned..

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Facebook @thesuperorganizershow

I don’t take for granted what i have at all!!! thank you all!


February Quotes to Get Us Motivated!

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Stand Up For Yourself


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It is VERY important to stand up for yourself. It is very IMPORTANT in every situation!

So what am I talking about exactly?!

Self care is number one always! Or at least is should be. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Your feelings and wants and desires are valid. And if you are working towards them, you should continue on that path. You can stand up for yourself and do it in a way that is matter of fact and non confrontation. You have to be firm in your commitment to yourself. Don’t let anyone derail you from your plans to a good life.

There is no reason to be mean or rude  You should communicate rationally and as I said before matter of factly. It’s your life. IF you want an organized office or a clean house, then you should have it. Its harder when there are other people involved. That is the test! You have to be firm and kind at the same time. Not everyone is on the same page as you. You have to understand everyone in in their own place. I always say take care of you and the people who should be in your life will stay.You have to continue to evolve and change and when you really think about it, that is all dependent on YOU!

You should talk to those whose this affects. And give them the opportunity for change too. AND remember they may have their own process and learning curve. Then you compromise a little to find common ground. YOU want to find ways to work together so that your growth continues. I really want you to think of YOU first and practice safe care everyday!


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Think About Your Tomorrow Self

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I was talking with a client while organizing and she brought up a quote that is helping her get things done TODAY! Unfortunately she couldn’t remember who wrote or said the quote but it was one of procrastination and a way to look at it in your life. I always talk about time management being one of the keys to a successful organized life. I also talk about how procrastination is not your friend! The quote basically talks about not starting today affects your tomorrow and possibly in a negative way.

Lets break that down.You have a deadline, or a project that needs to be done, If you don’t start to work on it today, then you will be busy, or hurried, or stressed out tomorrow trying to do it. Last minute is NOT good. Do things when you have time to do them and are NOT rushed. Tha’ts why I say take the extra few minutes and pick out your clothes for the next day and/or make that lunch that night. Literally that will shave time off and you gain that time back!!

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The person who did the quote called it thinking about your tomorrow self! I like that! Your tomorrow self! I want to be kind to my tomorrow self , so i do things today that will ensure that my tomorrow self have a good day. Hopefully! It’s a great way to look at something and get disciplined and motviated!

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