Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 5 List It!

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Lets list what we’ve talked about so far:

  1. Tools To Help You Organize
  2. Getting Clear Plastic Bins of different sizes
  3. Setting aside the time/making the time
  4. Making the commitment

Now its time for the next step:

It’s time to identify the problems and problem areas. Make a list of the areas or what you want to organize.

You can get a pad and paper, or use your iPad or tablet. Write it down.

If you use paper, then I suggest starting a folder for the organizing project OR put the paper on a cork board or fridge. KEEP it out till I give you the next step!!

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Sometimes You Just KNOW



It can be hard sometimes.It can be hard to make decisions. It can be hard to make decisions sometimes. It can be especaially hard when its a decision you know has to be made but other factors make you hope that you don’t have to make that decision. Yes that is a long sentence! HA! But you get my point. Recently I had to make a few decisions that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to make. The problem was staring me right in the face.It was making me unhappy,but deep down I kept hoping the situation would turn around and become what I wanted. It is that holding on that is really detrimental to you. You become wrapped up in the situation and the sadness or anger. You don’t move forward. You aren’t allowing better things to come in. You aren’t living your best life.

SO its better to bite the bullet and grab the bull by the horns and MAKE that decision. Make that decision no matter how scary it feels, no matter how much you don’t want to. This is of course after every avenue has been explored to change things. This is after you had the talk. This is after you’ve weighed the pros and cons. DO it! Make the decision you know in your heart is right for you! AND I support you!!! 

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20 Minutes That Are Good For Your Health!

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I suggest getting up in enough time to have at least 20 minutes to yourself. SO whatever time that is for you…include getting ready time and travel time to work or school. In that 20 minutes,your goal is to wake up and feel centered enough to tackle your day. Coming from center is always a great place to come from in any situation in life!

In the 20 minutes you could:

Read a book.

Read the bible for inspiration.

Watch a TV show you love.

Write in a gratitude journal 

Sit in the garden.

Sit in silence and meditate


Pep talk with a best friend .

Listen to a podcast 

Or whatever else you can do for YOURSELF!

And enjoy YOU!!



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Do What You Like FIRST!

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Okay its the morning time. You have gotten out of bed and showered and headed to work. Or you have gotten out of bed, showered and you work from home. Either way you are up and ready to get started, or not… maybe you are looking forward to all you have to do today.Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed already!! I have a suggestion!

If you are like me, then you have a list of tasks and/or errands for that day.(if you don’t,then you should. It makes life so much easier)

Start with the one that is the easiest and/or fun!!!! Start your day off with something that you can do that will bring a smile to your face! Starting off in a good mood will really help your day flow better!! Try it!!

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Sort Out Sunday: Another Use For a Cardboard Box

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Do you order online? Do you buy in store? Either way you might buy items that come in a box. There are alternatives to breaking down and throwing away the box, especially if they are in good shape. And it doesn’t matter if there is print on the outside or not,because you can usually you can use the inside.

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You can break down the box, cut along the creases and use the smaller pieces for :

Handmade signs


take two pieces and make a makeshift backing to prop something up.

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Throwing Away Is NOT Always The Answer


The NUMBER ONE question I get and most organizers get, when they first talk to someone about professional organizing is:

Will you make me throw away all my stuff?????

For MOST of the us the answer will always be NO! 

A good professional organizer knows that just throwing stuff away IS not the answer. We understand the psychology of clutter and disorganization. It make look like getting rid of everything is the answer to a clean house. On the surface, yes a house will be less cluttered, but on a deeper level it doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t treat HOW the place got cluttered and/or disorganized, so chances are the problem will return and you’ll have done all that work for nothing.

You have to find the root causes. You can get rid of some stuff,but its a collaborative effort and well thought out process. Sometimes things just need be stored better; spaces utilized better. Upcycling certain items and making them useful in other ways.These are just some examples.

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This Is The Longest Title For A Post On Organizing ( Okay I’m Not Totally Sure)

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This is my 860th blog post. I was thinking about what I should write about. How epic should it be?! How profound should I sound?!

Today lands on World Mental Health Day! (October 10th) so I’ve decided to say a few words on that.

Disorganization and clutter and hoarding come form many different places in life. Some of the causes are a form of mental health. AND living an organized life can bring good mental health. Either way it comes from the brain. I strongly encourage and invite anybody out there with a mental health issue to seek help. Depression and other feelings like that are no joke and require assistance to getting better. There is NO SHAME in admitting you have an issue!!

I’ve had to seek treatment in my past for some things that happened to me and i needed help getting back to center. Also when I get organized its feels so good! My heart goes out to each and every one of you with mental health issues of any kind!! I am with you!!!


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