It IS What You Do And The Way That You Do It


What you do and how you do it affects everything of course but it also affects how much time it takes to accomplish it. The way and how you do something is key to time management!

In organizing that is the basis of much of our work.We implement systems we believe will save time, make your day more efficient. I invite you to really look at the way you are currently doing things.

How much time does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

Are you always late to work?

DO people continually have to bug you for completed work?

Are the keys never easy to find?

All of these things are related to how you do them and set systems up! I REALLY want you to look at how your day goes at home and at work! Are you working harder not smarter???

Then take a look through this blog for tips to get started!!


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Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 3 Time



I’m going  backwards (to some people)  and suggest the next step is setting aside the time to organize. Many times I’d say to pick the spot first and then the time. This time I want you to pick the time and set it aside. We will worry about picking the area later. Setting aside the time shows commitment! It shows the commitment to yourself.We can fit within that time whatever you want to work on!

So set the time!!!

TO refresh your memory:

Part 1 

Part 2


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ONE Way to Gain Minutes in Your Morning

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OKAY!!! I practice what I preach!! I am going to give you all a tip about morning time!

I dont like to run around like a chicken without a head. I hate having to look for something when i am rushed. I like to sleep and get as much as i can. I like to wake up slowly and take my time in the morning. Some mornings can’t be helped, but even then you can still prepare as much as you can!

ONE WAY to gain minutes in your morning is…………. get ready the night before!!!

I do this! I live it! I love it! So having systems in place really helps you!

  1. You have a place whrere your keys, wallet and whatever you put in my pocket everyday. A cup, bowl, dish. SO its always there and in that spot.
  2. Pick your clothes out! Look at the weather channel and plan accordingly. I mean even down to the underwear and socks. I grab a strong hanger and put the whole outfit on there. and you can hang it in the front of your closet! SO its not in the way and yet you can see it and get to it easily.
  3. Make the lunches the night before.
  4. Some people shower the night before. (I need the shower to wake me up in the morning.)

These things REALLY do help. If you are REALLY brave, Sunday nights, you can pick and plan your whole wardrobe and have it ready. And same with meal prep for lunches.

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Super Tip Saturday- Quotes for Today and Everyday

Image result for organizing quotesImage result for organizing quotesImage result for organizing quotesImage result for organizing quotes

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Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 2 Clear Plastic Bins


This part is a little trickier but can be done. Its the purchasing of the clear plastic bins to put stuff away in. But first you have to determine how many you need. Its not an exact science and I always say its better to have too many bins than not enough. Nothing stops momentum better than running out in the middle of the project!

Step one is to pick the area or spot or room you are going to tackle. The size will determne how many bins you get and the size(s). For example if you are organizing a kitchen, you may not need a lot of bins because that room typically involves food (which you will probably throw out) and pots and pans and dishes and glasses. You may need a couple of bins for seasonal plates and items. If its a bedroom closet, you may need 3 or 4 large bins and a few small ones. You would need bins for seasonal clothes or for shoes.

The goal is to NOT need bins!! But sometimes you do like as I mentioned twice before, seasonal items will warrant bins. And since you rotate and DO use, Its okay. Plus memory bins for childrens stuff is another reason for bins too.

Bins are good for regular use items too. It keeps things together and you can create an organized look. SO Step 2 in this process is deciding what space you are starting in and then getting the number of bins for that space you think you might need.


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Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 1 Tools That Can Help You Organize




My commitment to helping you get organized continues. This will begin a multi part series of helping you get there. SO here is the beginning:

  1. Labels (sometimes they come in sheets or a package. Ones that peel and stick are the best)
  2. Tape (packing, masking, scotch. I’d get one of all three)
  3. Sharpees (have at least 2 or 3)
  4. Paper Clips
  5. Staplers/Staples
  6. Trays for tabletops (get the ones that are 8 by 11 Some are decorative)
  7. Rubberbands
  8. Ziploc Bags of different sizes (get a box of several sizes)
  9. Hooks
  10. Calendar (can be online or an actual calendar or a dayplanner)

We will start there. Get all of those things First.Stay tuned for the next step on Part 2!

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Super Tip Thursday: How To Save Your Back While Organizing

Lifting and stacking boxes and bins can be bad for your back. AND can be time consuming when you need to move them around for one reason or another. I am a fan of clear bins with wheels on the bottom. You can also get tall multi drawer bins too!! Here are two examples below

Image result for ikea storage bins on wheels

courtesy of

Image result for ikea storage bins on wheels

courtesy of


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