The Right Time To Talk To Your Messy Partner

The house is a mess! Or the home office is a disaster. Maybe its the trunk of the car is so full you can’t even put a bag of groceries in it. You want to talk to you significent other about it. They are the cause of most or all of the mess. When is the right time?????

I get THAT question many times! Here is MY answer:

First you have to admit to yourself that you are just as cupable as your partner. The clutter and disarray happened while you were there. But my larger point is that nothing happens in a vaccum and you have to work as a team to make it better, so lets even the playing field a bit. If you go into this with the “its all his fault” mentality, nothing will happen except a fight!

Second you want to go in with the mindset that you will work TOGETHER to fix this. Make this a team effort. Come from a place of “lets figure out how to do this better or more efficient AND organized” Get over the its their problem they need to change. In reality it’s YOUR problem too, because its affecting you.

Third is to be as loving as possible. Come from a place of care and consideration. Habits are hard to break. And remember you want harmony and peace. The goal is for you to return to being happy and functional. Help your partner get there in a positive way!


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Realistic Quotes to Keep You Motivated


Is His/Her Stuff Getting On Your Nerves??!!

It can be difficult to meld together into one household. It doesnt matter the relationship: roommates, lovers, spouses, siblings, you get the point. People living together is an ongoing life of compromise and negotiation.Even in the easiest of partnerships you still have to contend with all of the “stuff” you have and how it’s going to fit in your living space.

An all too familiar situation is after living together for awhile and each others habits REALLY set in. Maybe it hits you hard that he is a complusive buyer. You find out she will not budge on the bedroom closet space.The key is to come together for a common goal. The goal should be harmony in the household and fair space for everyone. That doesnt come easy and it I can’t fit all the advice in this one blog, but I will be giving tips over the next few months!

The first tip that I will leave with you today is the practice of accepting others for how they are! ACCEPTING others for how they are especially in the way that they live. You ha you cve a right to NOT accept and that may mean you shouldnt live together. The real deal is everyone is different in how they live BUT certain combos of people CAN work in a living space! But it all comes down to: can you accept the person for who they are? I believe that once you do that, then you can honestly assess your living arrangement and THEN assess the “stuff” in the house.

You want to be able to find solutions through love and kindness and openness of everyone involved! 

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AC Please…

During these HOT summer months I want you to be careful in general. Sometimes a lot of movement can cause you to sweat and raise your inner temp levels.I want you to get and be organized but not at the expense of your health.

When organizing outside  (or in a garage with the door open) it can get really hot in there. I would suggest organizing early in the morning or after sundown. I do understand in some parts of the country, at sundown it is still hot! In that case just don’t move around too much. Getting a fan in there might help. Taking multiple brakes too.

When organizing inside the house, make sure its well ventilated or air-conditioned. This is especially true for closets. Many closets don’t have windows or vents in them, so just be careful in there. I sweat the most in closets especially if there is a lot of stuff in them! (which is the reason that I am there! LOL)

Just please be careful this summer!

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Sort Out Sunday: Wear Your Shoes!!

I LOVE SHOES!!! I love shoes! All kinds! So I had to make an effort to wear them. That sounds funny when I say that, right? I have to make an effort to WEAR the shoes?

I was buying more shoes than I was actually wearing them. I had so many pairs of shoes that i was running out of room! THATS when I knew that I had a problem. So I STOPPED buying shoes and may an effort to rotate and wear them. I made sure that all my shoes were VISIBLE. Any shoes I couldnt see I knew would get left out. And then I made the commitment to wear the different pairs of shoes.

Two things happened:

1- I REDISCOVERED all these cool shoes I had! haha

2- There were some shoes I bought that I could barely or not wear with anything I had in my wardrobe. So I gave those away, which cleared up space in my closet!

Try it starting today!!!

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A NEW Radio Venture For James Lott Jr


Today at 9amPST I will be on the debut of Community Connections on 

I was asked to be a Producer/Show Runner/ Lead Host of this one hour talk radio show. Its in association with the Montebello Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness for the city. We will talk Arts/Law/Politics/Events/Business/Culture. We hope to be an inspiration to other communties out there. My co host is Executive Producer/Booker Rena Garcia.


The show will air EVERY Friday morning and I am working to get it on iTunes. We do have a FB page. Click this link to get there and LIKE US 

The show will air BEFORE MY show The Super Organizer Show!! SO it’s TWO hours of James Lott Jr on Fridays!! JOIN ME!

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Super Tip Tuesday- One Tip For Asking For A Raise

Asking for a raise can be nerve racking and scary.You feel like you deserve one and you hope your employer does too. Here is one tip that has worked for me in the past:

Create the “win-win” situation for them and you!

Look at what thier priorities are and check them against yours. Research what they need for your position and can you fullfill that for them. Just saying you’ve been doing a good job and listing what you’ve accomplished is only part of it. Its your job to do a good job! But can you hlep them see that a raise is needed and that it will benefit them. You want to work 2 days from home. List the ways that will beneift the company. It could be cheaper for the company to have you telecommute. And THAT money could go in YOUR pocket!

Good luck!

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