August Is Here: Quotes To Keep Us In Check!

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Image result for august quotes and sayingsImage result for august quotes and sayings

Image result for august quotes and sayingsImage result for august quotes and sayings

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BIG BROTHER: Is This Season Underwhelming For a 20th Season So Far???

Yes this is an Organization/Life Coach blog, but long time readers know that I am a huge fan of the CBS hit reality show Big Brother! And every season I do a post or two about the show! I was even a co host on the Big Brother Aftershow on AfterbuzzTV for several seasons!

Pictured with co host Lauren LoGrasso!

Okay so we are several weeks in and i’m kinda bored. Its the 20th season(cycle) of the show and I feel it should be bigger! How about you?

None of the houseguests really stand out to me. I give points to Swaggy C for trying! I don’t have the hate for him that many do. I just think he wasn’t likeable enough when he came in and The Swaggy C thing fell flat. The Bros thing fell flat! The alliance names aren’t good. I wanted to like Kaitlyn and she was doing things but in the end crumbled into a ball of tears. The token gay dude JC  used the N word and tried to defend his usage to a BLACK person. Nothing new. The N word was used on the show before. I know of him outside the show, so i am not surprised. He is not likeable either. The challenges are lackluster too. There were some seasons where the challenges were hard!!! AND fun to watch..

The other night, the show ran out of time and didnt even give us a live on air Kaitlyn exit interview OR HOH comp to watch!! Come on CBS!!!!

It was nice to she BB winner Rachel Reilly come back to host a comp. I got to meet her in person and she was the nicest person!!! Turning Sam into a Robot WAS interesting and very unique! I do have my eye on Tyler, he is making it through so far!! He may even win this thing!

I like this show very much. I have watched since Season 1. Its my summer tradition! it is my hope to expect the unexpected and it gets better!! I would love to know what you think!!!!


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Super Tip Monday- 3 Reasons Organization Helps With Stress


1- When your items have a regular place to be, it reduces the stress to try to find them.

2- When you are organized,you have a better chance to be on time for appointments and events. No stress being late or having to deal with people who don’t like you being late!

3- Writing out the steps to a project is the beginning of making that project go smoothly!

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The Super Organizer Has Bells Palsy, What Is IT?

The pic above was from Day 3 of my Bells Palsy. People have been asking Me what Bells Palsy is??? So I am providing a link for those who are curious. I am on a crusade to educate people on this condition. It can strike anybody at any age and time. There are several factors that go into how someone can get this. FOR ME, it was extreme stress!! So I am telling folks to MANAGE your stress!!! It is no joke. Having half of your face paralyzed is NO JOKE!

I am starting to get feeling back in my face. I am in pain tho, but I am pushing thru. Here is the link if you are interested in what Bells Palsy is:

I am still laying low so that I can recover fully! I will be back!!!!

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July 4th!!!!

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Positive Quotes TO Get Through July!

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Super Tip Wednesday: Changing Your Mindset by Changing Your Language

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I really believe that language is one of the keys to successfully changing your mindset which ultimately leads to success. A simple change in words can do wonders.

For example, I stopped viewing other Professional Organizers as my competition! I took out the word competition and replaced it with COLLEAGUES! It’s easy to think others as competition when you own your own business and you are trying to make your business work. Plus there is social media telling us so and so is doing sooooo much better than you..You have to tune all of that out!  Everybody is different. You are YOU! Not everyone is the right fit  for a gig AND there is PLENTY of work to go around. You may offer something someone else doesn’t. Also it gives you a chance to look at yourself honestly. Is someone else working harder than you? Are you not doing enough to put yourself out there? Do they have strategies that you weren’t aware of? Maybe its time to step up.

Also I like other Professional Organizers. Everyone has varying degrees of experience. I learn from my colleagues all the time. There have been gigs that I felt weren’t for me and I passed them along to one of my colleagues. And vice versa has happened.

Look at others areas of your life and see if it is in need of a language change!

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