Super Organizer Thursday: So MANY Amazing Professional Organizers



I’m on the road and I’ve done a few LIVE From.. episodes of my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr   

From doing those I got to talk with Professional Organizers from different parts of the country and who have AMAZING resumes. They also LOVE what they do! ALSO I have gotten a lot of interest from other organizers to come on the show and they have amazing resumes and are going GOD’s work out there affecting change in the world.


All of this has reaffirmed my commitment to this growing and evolving industry!  Professional Organizers with specific skills and niches are growing! Highly specialized! Committed! Ready!  I urge anybody reading this, if you think you could use an organizer, use one! DO it!

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Super Organizer Saturday: What To Do With Duplicate Photos.

Image result for duplicate photos

Remember when you had a camera and you take pictures and then you had to get then developed. Oh my how we have changed. WELL many of those pics are out there. I remember when photo places would have specials like 2 for 1. NOW you have all of these photos and in many cases multiple copies.

Stacks of photos can add up and take up space! You don’t have to throw them all out. I have fun and meaningful solution.

Take all duplicate photos out. Your space will increase. Take those duplicate photos and give or send to the appropriate people. Maybe your aunt would love pics of you and her daughter who is no longer with us. Your best friend lost that picture of you and him and your dates at the prom. You can give him a copy. Its meaningful and decreases the clutter in your space. AND its sends positivity into the world.


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The Super Organizer Show is on the Road!

James is on the road the month of June and during several stops he will be broadcasting the SOS Show LIVE!! He will be talking to local Professional Organizers and giving you useful topics!

Some of the scheduled shows: Pittsburgh, Columbus OHIO and Florida!

Stay tuned for announcements when they will be released!!


Super Tip Tuesday: Food Colors and Your Health 

I saw this and had to share!!! 

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Sort Out Sunday: Separate Email For All Things Shopping Related

Image result for rewards programs


The other day I was reading a blurb on this idea to have a special email for online shopping! (it didn’t give who said it) The idea is to keep everything in a place who you aren’t tempted by sales messages on your regular email.

I’m going to take it a step further.

I am a big advocate of joining all rewards from stores, airlines, hotels, etc. I say use a separate email to include that as well as for online shopping. AND I am suggesting this on an organizing standpoint. It could come in handy around tax time. It can be useful throughout the year and its keeps purchases organized for you.

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June Quotes to Motivate Us!!!!

We are halfway through the year already!! Summer is coming this month too! Best wishes to you all!! 

Image result for june motivational quotesImage result for june motivational quotes

Image result for june motivational quotesImage result for june motivational quotes

Image result for june motivational quotesImage result for junequotes


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I Like My Age!!!

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Take age out of everything and ask yourself, are you doing things you want to be doing?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself why?

If age is one of the reasons, then ask yourself why?

There are few things that you really can’t do at certain ages. everything else is up for grabs.Really! it is!

We are living longer and healthier. Tina Turner was dancing and singing 3 hrs a night in her 60s! I have run marathons in my 40s!

Don’t live like your life is ending after you hit a certain age. Still live it fully. Still tackle those issues you want resolved. Still go for the dreams you’ve dreamt for years. Remember none of us is promised the next second, so why not live it fully and enjoy yourself!

I love my age and I am an example of living out my dreams! You can too!! Do it!


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