Super Share- The Super Organizer’s Workshop April 28th!

Still a couple of weeks left to sign up! We will talk about getting started! How to get organized!! Home, office, idea, life! 

The location has changed to The Odyssey Theatre  and there is FREE parking! 

It will be fun and informative! Email me for a spot in the class!! 


Super Tip Monday- You CAN Start Small.

I will continue to say this for the rest of my life. I will remind you all of this. This is for the organized and the un-organized. I am speaking to the ones who haven’t started yet and the ones who just started AND the ones who’ve been doing it. 

It’s okay to start small and do a little at a time!!!

Any movement is still movement! You are creating a pattern and habit which will turn into a lifestyle. The progress WILL come. You WILL see it at some point and that will inspire you to continue. The alternative is doing nothing and NOTHING happens!! 

15 minutes a day. 30 minutes a day. It all adds up when you do that on a CONSISTENT basis. IT can be better than working on organizing for one day every 3 months. You will accomplish so much when you set time each day. 

Section by section, corner by corner, area by area. Room by room. You can do it!

Small steps lead to large rewards!! 

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Sort Out Sunday- Before You Use Your Basement For Storage or As An Office

Many people ask me about basements and are they good spaces to store stuff or make as a home office. I say YES! But here are a few things to consider before you do.

Any space below ground level are more prone to dampness, poor lighting, poor ventilation,and bugs and other creatures. Make sure its a secured space. Check the walls and floors. Is it fully covered. If there is a window down there, can it be securely closed. Also can it be opened for air. Maybe a screen over it will help with anything flying or crawling in. 

If you can put a heating/AC system in there, I say do it! The bottom line is you want great ventilation down there. Your house and your stuff will thank you! 

Make sure its well-lit. You may have to bring lights/lamps down there. Make sure all electrical outlets can handle all the plug-ins. An electrician has a device that can scan and tell you. Sometimes the basement houses the washer and dryer or an additional freezer/fridge, you want to make sure all circuits can handle any additional things you plug-in down there. 

Also check that the steps leading down are secure, with something to hold onto going up and down! 


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Super Thought Of The Day- The Positive Way!

Image result for positive organizational change

I operate from this model in business and all collaborations!!! 

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13 Tips on Friday the 13th!!

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Longtime readers know that I love Friday the 13th! Its always good to me!! SO each time it comes around I pick a topic. Today’s topic is The benefits of being a good listener!! AND because it’s the 13th, here are 13 benefits to being a good listener: 

  1. Better relationships
  2. Improved Self Discipline
  3. More confidence
  4. People Trust in you and believe you more
  5. Best Employee
  6. YOU can ask better questions to gain knowledge on something
  7. Get more information
  8. You learn more
  9. Better Safety
  10. Avoid embarrassment
  11. More effective problem solving
  12. Increased concentration
  13. Shows you are a compassionate person who is present in your conversations! 



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Sort Out Sunday: The Super Organizer Workshops in LA!!

Two upcoming classes in LOS ANGELES!!!! April 28th and May 12th!! Come JOIN ME!!! Sign Up! 

To download the flyers click  here

More dates to be announced and also I may be going to other cities too! Stay tuned! FOLLOW my blog !! 


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It’s April!! Here’s Some Quotes to Motivate Us!!

Image result for quotes about aprilImage result for quotes about aprilImage result for quotes about aprilImage result for quotes about april

Image result for quotes about aprilImage result for quotes about april

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