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I am a Certified Life Coach and I have a coaching practice. A week ago I fulfilled a dream of mine and released a Life Coaching Series Podcast! Its called 15 Life Tips to Self Care Series One. I chose 15 topics that came up in my life coaching and address them in plain speak. They are audio and not long, between 8-20 minutes long. They also kicked off the Lott of Help podcast, where i have people who are coaches, motivational speakers, and  community leaders talk about important issues we are facing. This work is extremely rewarding to me and I love sharing it with the world.

15 Tips to Self Care Series One was released on my 3 year anniversary as a life coach. Right now it is available on my page. iTunes and iHeart radio are next! Click HERE to go to series. Enjoy!


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Sort Out Sunday: One Money Saving Hack For Your Bedroom

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Here is quick tip that is a money saver!! 

So you want to change the look of your bedroom. Its spring and you want a slightly different look. BUT its tax season too and you are on a budget.

Your bed is presumably the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom . Dressers could be bigger but the bed stands out in my opinion. Pick two colors that you like together. Like Yellow/gray, black/white, tan/green, burgundy/brown. Whatever two colors you enjoy and chances are you can find  two sided/colored comforter that is the combo. Sometimes they are bed in the bags. You buy that, get another set of pillow cases the second color and then you can switch colors back and forth!! Give your room a different look each time!! And saves money! 

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Super St Patrick’s Day Quotes!!!

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Image result for st patricks day quotes

Image result for st patricks day quotes


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Snow Days Are Great Days to Organize

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The weather is crazy for some parts of the country and i feel for folks who are stuck in their homes. But I also think its a great opportunity to organize too!!

So my challenge to those have snow days is to pick one area and clean/organize it.

Some examples are:


kitchen drawers


Bathroom drawers

Home office


Take your time. Start small and start getting things out of that room that don’t belong. Put them where they should be. Throw out trash. Makes bags for give away to thrift stores or to friends! Use that time wisely and constructive!


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Super Tip Tuesday: Vacuuming Can Freshen A Room

Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum


Take 30 minutes and vacuum a couple of rooms and the furniture. Getting the dust and dirt out!

It can transform the look of a room, really! Even messy rooms, it can make it look a little fresher!! (yes you will still have to clean the room and organize the stuff, but it is a start!

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My Three S’s in Super Organizing

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Spring Cleaning is Coming Up!! Everyday can be Spring Cleaning but if the ritual of this time helps you get started and motivated, I’m all for it!

My Three S’s in being Super Organized are:

  1. Start– start somewhere. Grab help if you need it. Just start the process.
  2. Stay Centered- that should always be a goal during the whole process. Feel the emotions as they happen. Work and walk through them. You want to be able to make the best decisions for you and being centered helps immensely.
  3. See things for what they are – Really look at the clutter, disorganization for what it really is. Take blame out and find a way to live with what has happened already. You can’t change the past. You can change the future.No sense beating yourself up over things.
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You Can Get Organized! You Can Get Organized!

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I wanted to start your weekend off on a positive note! To all of you out there who have a messy or disorganized situation, there is hope! You can change your situation.It can be changed. All hope is not lost. It may look like its too much but think of it this way, Its there and it should be taken care of. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to have some emotions about the situation. It’s okay to not know where and/or how to begin.

There are two things you can do. Go through this blog and read on different techniques on how to start. I give you great tips that have helped me and/or my clients for years. And I give different levels and pacing.

Or you can hire a wonderful Professional Organizer in your area. There are professional organizers who feel called to action and will work with you to start the process. You can contact me and I will lead you in the right direction.

Spring Cleaning is coming up! Let’s get organized!!!

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