Sort Out Sunday: Yo Undies!



Today I am giving you one task! It’s to go thru your underwear or panties!!! Its time to sort out the bad from the good. Get rid of the holy ones; the ripped ones, the stained ones, the ones that are too small (or too big), stretched out ones!

I didn’t realize how important good underwear was until I lived with a roommate who would only buy good underwear and took really good care of them. Its one of the pieces of clothing closest to your skin and private parts. You want to take care of that area for health reasons.

Get rid of the bad underwear!!!! Sort it out!!!

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On Hiatus: The Super Organizer Show


Yes that is correct, The Super Organizer Show with James Lott Jr that airs Fridays at 10amPST on Adrenaline Radio will be on hiatus the month of December. We will return in January! Stay tuned for dates. I wish everyone a safe and happy Holidays! Thanks for the love of my show!! I am lining up some good topics and great guests for the return!! I LOVE doing the show!

In the meantime you can find the show’s previous and useful episodes on: (click on the links)

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SEE YOU ALL in 2017!!! 


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2 Things 2 Check Before You Leave The US on Vacation

Image result for international roaming

If you are traveling out of the country there are TWO things you need to check on and take care of BEFORE you leave!!! THESE are two BIG issues!! And they are:

1- Your phone plan. Make sure you talk to your phone carrier before you leave and find out if you need to get a seperate international plan. Its important because of data charges, phone calls and text could cost you soooo much when you leave the country. So set that up!

2- Electrical Outlets. SO you get to France and your phone plan is in place but you can’t PLUG IN your phone to charge it! LOL  Certain countries have different voltage and plugs. You can buy adapters to take with you!!

Kanex - Travel Bud International Power Adapter - Black - Larger Front

These are from Best Buy. Click here for more details.

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December Quotes For All of US!

Image result for december quotes of inspirational

Image result for december quotes of inspirationalImage result for december quotes of inspirational

Image result for december quotesImage result for december quotes

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Super Organizer Wednesday: Building My Coaching Business!

Image result for spreaker jlj media

After several years of being a Certified Life Coach, I am finally tending to that branch of my life. I have had clients and done some trainings. LOVE doing those and interacting with people LIVE. Now I am working on the podcast, adding more blog posts here (feedback from my readers suggests that I should do that) and I’m working on my books and other materials.

Watch my year end video! Enjoy!

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Super Organizer Tuesday: I’m ON

Related image

Yes folks in addition to being on Soundcloud I am now on

Spreaker is a podcasting platform and now I will start to feature some of my audio work and others who I produce. As you may know, my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr is currently being offered on the Open Mic Network’s Spreaker site. It’s doing very well for me there. SO now on MY site, I am featuring two new podcasts I am involved with.

One is the life coaching podcast I am starting, A Lott of Help  I will be offering a series of Life Coaching Tips.

The other is a collaboration I am doing with Rena Garcia called Community Connections. It’s a fun show on the community and  what people are offering in services and goods!

Its all under my new name JLJ Media (more on that later).

Take a listen! Download! FOLLOW! 

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Do ONE Thing That Makes YOU Happy Everyday!


I based this off my late Grandma Mitzi who used to say that at EVERY paycheck, no matter big or small, you should buy yourself ONE thing that makes you happy. It could be a Hostess Honeybun. It could be a car. It didn’t matter. You get that check, you pay your bills, put a little away but also spend some on yourself. Her thought was that you work hard for the money, you deserve it and it keeps your spirits up a bit!

So i like to extend this to not just the payday or once a week of once every two weeks, do something you like everyday!

It could be the first thing in the morning, I go in my garden and sit and have my tea! Or it could be in the evening going to Sprinkles could be anything big or small. You should do one thing for yourself everyday that puts a smile on your face. That can also help with your mental state and get you through the rough moments!

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