The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 2

It is #GOMonth ! Time to GET ORGANIZED!! 

Here is the second challenge:

I want you to go thru wherever you keep you underwear  (bra and panties for women) and socks. I want you to pick one pair of each to throw away! 

Related image

We are talking ripped, holey, stained, too small, too big, stretched out, missing one piece. GET rid of it!

Sidenote- if you find socks or underwear that are still in their packaging, wear them first. Wear them next!

We really neglect socks and underwear and they can take up a lot of space. Lets clear that space up a bit!



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El Súper Organizador!

So i come from latino roots as part of my ethnic makeup and I speak Spanish. The New single is my first in Spanish! Lo Mismo Es Lo Mismo is my song that i wrote and co produced with Palmez! I am excited. In this 4th year of blogging I want to include Spanish language posts. I am in talks with some great people to contribute. Diversity makes me happy and is necessary. So don’t be surprised if you see a blog in spanish or portugese!

Así que vengo de raíces latinas como parte de mi composición étnica y hablo español. ¡El nuevo single es mi primer en español! Lo mismo es lo mismo es mi canción que escribí y coproduje con Palmez. Estoy emocionado. En este cuarto año de blogging, quiero incluir publicaciones en español. Estoy en conversaciones con grandes personas para contribuir. La diversidad me hace feliz y es necesario. ¡No se sorprenda si ve un blog en español o portugués!

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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 1

NAPO ,which I am a member of, calls January GOMonth! It is time to GET ORGANIZED!! I like to participate and every few days or so I will give you a challenge! You can do them in order or how ever you like! They will be challenges that hopefully will have you thinking differently about the items in your space. 

Here is the first challenge:

Pick one shirt (or top) that you HAVEN’T worn in a long time (6 months or longer) and WEAR it TODAY!! 

Related image

If you can’t remember how long its been, then its been too long.

You may have to dig deep down in the drawer or reach the back of the closet.

This exercise is to show the importance of rotating your clothes on a regular basis. Also to bring attention to what you DON’T wear anymore and maybe its time to get it out the house…

Image result for crowded closet

Have fun!! If you are really inclined, do it for the rest of the week! 


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9 Years Ago Today I Changed My Entire Life!

The other day I was recounting the story with my mom on how i came back to LA after 22 years of living elsewhere! I want to give a shout out to my best friend Michelle! At age 39 i was taking a big leap back into familiar yet new territory. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how everything would manifest itself, all i knew…I was unhappy and needed a change. I am glad I came back to LA. I feel it was the right time. I love everything I am doing professionally right now! I am the luckiest man in the world! And life is getting better!

Like my song above I Am Ready (available on on music platforms but click here ) are you ready to make positive changes in your life and take a leap of faith….


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Remember Dr. MLK Jr Today….

Image result for mlk jr quotes

Image result for mlk jr quotes

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Sort Out Sunday: What Are the “What If’s” And How To Kill Them


Many times when I ask a client why they have kept an item or items, the answer starts with “What if”. It doesnt’ matter what the item is, the answer starts out the same: What if I need _______ one day? What if I need ___ just in case? What if I run out of___?

Sometimes it generational. Sometimes its status. Sometimes its anxiety.e

It a fine line between keeping SUPPLIES and hoarding forks and plates. LOL In my opinion you should have supplies/extras of things that WILL be used. SO things like Paper towels and Toilet paper are a yes. Because you continuously use them. Saving things for a what if isnt good. If your underwear drawer can’t close, time to get rid of enough underwear to close the drawer. A package of Christmas themed paper plates are fine because you are going to use them at Christmas!

I heard another organizer say only keep what reflects who you are today! Take the  fear out of it. Fear breeds the saving for what if or just in case.

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Phrases To STOP Saying NOW!

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Language is EVERYTHING! It is everything when it comes to mindset and implementing new ways of thinking and doing. These are phrases I hear all time and people need to stop saying them so that they can move forward in a more organized way:

I like organized chaos!

I can’t get organized.

My desk is cluttered but i know where everything is. If I clean it up I won’t find anything.

I’m not that bad.

I’ve never been an organized person.

I’m not that kind of person.

You have to be a certain kind of person to be organized!


Or anything that undermines you and your progress!!! 



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