Mondays Are Great For Organization!

I always see “I hate Mondays” or ” Mondays don’t agree with me” I LOVE Mondays!!! psychologically its like starting over! It’s a new week . It’s a new beginning! If you are going to hate a day, maybe it should be Sunday? It’s the last day of the weekend and may times it seems to go by fast. It’s also a heavy travel day on freeways and flying and trains. Maybe you should hate Fridays? Everyone seems to be on edge from the week. it’s also a heavy travel day as folks go out-of-town. Hotel prices are at their highest! Car accidents happen cuz people are trying to flee their jobs and get a drink. LOL Or they started drinking! (Always take UBER or LYFT home) 

Obviously I don’t advocate “hating” a day. A day is just a day! I’ve had many jobs that don’t follow the Monday through Friday, weekends off  set up. Actually I’m in that ind of situation now. Placing blame on a day is pointless. Bad days can happen everyday and any day. Plus I believe if you really believe in something , than it will happen. That can be related to something positive AND something negative like I hate Mondays, it’s going to suck. Then it will.

I choose to look at Mondays as a great day! The mood feels new and fresh. Anything can happen! And as i relate it to organizing, you can adopt many rituals to keeping clutter to a minimum. You can choose that day to be the pick up toys around the house day. Monday could be the day you handle all your mail for the week. It could be the day you clean out the fridge and go grocery shopping for the week. I think you get the idea.

Lets work on turning Monday into just another day!!! 

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Oproep Aan Alle Nederlandse Organisatoren/Calling All Dutch Organizers

Bedankt voor het geweldige antwoord op mijn eerste blog in het Nederlands. Het kreeg meer meningen dan mijn blogposten in het Spaans! Wie weet. Ik zou het leuk vinden om te horen van Nederlandse organisatoren. Ik zou graag je methoden willen weten en hoe je de organisatoren bent geworden.

En aan al diegenen die geen organisator zijn, maar Nederlands / Nederlands spreken, welke onderwerpen moeten we hier bespreken.

Een fijne dag verder!


Thank you for the great response to my first blog post in Dutch. It got more views than my blog posts in Spanish! Who knew. I would love to hear from Dutch organizers. I would like to know your methods and how you became organizers.

And to all those who aren’t organizers but are Dutch/Dutch speakers, what topics should we discuss here.

Have a great day!

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Quick Tip Sábado – Comience a Vivir Para Usted!!

¡Aprendí a vivir! ¡Qué afirmación tan profunda! Y lo hice.

En algún momento dejé de vivir para otros. Dejé de vivir como creía que debía vivir. Dejé de dejarme influenciar por otras personas. Empecé a escucharme a mí mismo. Empecé a creer en mí mismo. Empecé a actuar en mi nombre. Ahora vivo la vida que quiero. Fue y es un trabajo duro. Todos deberíamos estar viviendo las vidas que queremos. Si no lo eres, pregúntate a ti mismo, ¿por qué no?

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Quick Tip Saturday- Saying Positive Affirmations Can Help

I was playing around on YouTube and I found this video. Its from 7 years ago. I believe in the concept for saying positive things. I am always posting quotes on here, asking you to say certain positie phrases or sentences, so when I saw this, i smiled! Take a look and let me know what you think!


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Super Organizer Friday- Let Me Explain

I come from a very diverse background of cultures and languages. I have been doing this blog for 4 years now. I can see the analytics and I am told where my readers are from. I love it! Its great to know that my blog is international.

So I am trying something out. You may see a post on here in a different language from time to time. It my way of reaching out to those readers in their own language and possibly attracting new readers. I’m trying out a little diversity and seeing what the feedback is. I may eventually created a separate blog in those languages, i don’t know yet.

But don’t worry, the blogs in English will of course continue!

Thank You as always for being a great audience!

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It Ain’t Much If It Ain’t Dutch/Het is niet veel als het niet Nederlands is!

Image result for dutch flag

Ik kom uit Nederlandse roots! Ik heb volgers die Nederlands zijn. Ik wilde hen bedanken in hun eigen taal voor het lezen van mijn blogs en het luisteren naar mijn radioprogramma The SOS Show met James Lott Jr. Ik zal van tijd tot tijd in het Nederlands posten. Ik probeer mijn berichten internationaler te maken in taal (talen).

Als er Nederlandse organisatoren zijn, neem dan alsjeblieft contact met me op !!!

Blijf georganiseerd!


I come from Dutch roots! I have followers who are Dutch. I wanted to thank them in their own language for reading my blogs and listening to my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr. I will post in Dutch from time to time. I try to make my messages more international in language (s).

If there are Dutch organizers, please contact me !!!

Stay organized!


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Super Tip Thursday- Clutter is a Result of Delayed Decisions

Image result for positive organizing quote in spanish

I love this quote! I believe it to be true!

Decisions delayed. Not wanting to make a decision. Afraid to make a decision. There are probably decisions to be made for much of whats going on in your clutter.

Its time to stop the delay! if you need help like a Professional Organizer or a Certified Life Coach or a Pastor or therapist…its time to take that step. I want you all to live life in the present and not a life of delayed actions and your past failures staring you in the face. You deserve to always be moving forward!


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