Sort Out Sunday: Don’t Do Laundry All In One Day

I know most of us have busy schedules and finding time to do laundry can be a challenge. That may not be the best idea. AND one result of doing all the laundry at once is the creation of a huge pile or piles of clothes during the process. And I have seen in cases the piles of clothes stay in the pile because it looks overwhelming. We don’t want to add to the clutter and mess. I am advocating the small steps method.

Try to schedule 2 or 3 days a week to do laundry. Seperate by types and do just those!

  • Saturday morning- Towels and sheets
  • Sunday afternoon- Kids clothes
  • Wednesday monring- Your clothes

Or you can separate tyes any way you like: whites on day, dark colors another day, etc. Small piles are more manageable and it takes the pressure off of you to get it all done which can cause you to NOT do it! Remember small steps can lead to large rewards.

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Looking For a Video Intern in Los Angeles


I am looking for a video intern. Someone with their own video equipment who can help me with some filming of a project of mine. For now we are talking about 2 to 3 hours a week. Must live in Los Angeles Area!

Like I said this is an internship (no pay) for NOW, but could turn into paying gigs in the future. Also any video they shoot that goes up on my YouTube channel, they WILL recieve monetary compensation from any YouTube ad sales of that video. (To be discussed and agreed upon between us)


I have a host of media projects, so this could become a great start of a working relationship in the business.

If you are interested or know someone who is, send an email to 

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Super Tip Wednesday- Open Shelving in a Closet is Good!

I like open shelving in s. I feel this helps with over buying. If all the slots are filled, then you shouldn’t buy unless you are getting rid of something out of one of the slots.

I like everything to be seen too. Its good for you to see all that you have and that can help in making sure you wear everything. And they can really help in organizing!

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Quick Tip Tuesday-Clipboards

Sparco Clipboard SPR20894

Clipboards can come in handy for organizing ideas and papers. If you have several projects going on at once. Having the paperwork and/or ideas seperated and clipped to each clipboard, can be very beneficial to the organization of those projects. Keeps all relevant papers and pictures together.

There are all kinds of clipboards! From the very inexpensive to the fancy ones that come with storage attached.


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I’m One of Those Left Handed People

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Ignore The Voice That Says You Can’t

So you are staring at that giant pile of clean clothes! You keep doing laundry and dumping the clothes in a pile in the corner of your room. The problem is the pile has expanded to one side of the room. Your inner voice tells you that it is easier to just pcik thru the clothes and find what you want. Nevermind that it can take up to 20 mintues doing that AND you still run the risk of not finding that other sock. That voice tells you that you CAN’T fold and put all that laundry away! That voice tells you that its too late. That voice tells you that its too much work.

We need to silence that voice or at least ignore it!

Try this, go in there right now and grab 3 or four things off that pile and put them away,. Try that several times a day and you will finish it and have an open space again! Small steps are fine! Small steps are steps! This can be applied to any situation of disorganization. BE aware that if organizing doesnt come natural to you, you may hear those voices telling you that you can’t do it! Lets actvively work on pushing thru that

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Eight is two circles put together. I relate it to life and organizing. How you ask?!

Sometimes in life you can go in circles. That’s how being unorganized can feel. Going in circles not really accomplishing anything. Running yourself into the ground over and over again.

Sometimes in life you can go full circle! IN a great,positive way! You start at a point and get unorganized but stay on the path and find a way to get organized again. Along the way finding out why you got disorganized and working on a path to not be that way again. Full circle.

Here’s a challenge for you: Think of 8 reasons you may not be organized right now. or think of 8 reason you ARE organized!

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