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It’s Okay to Think About YOU!

I invite you to take the time today and stop and think about YOU!

It’s okay to think about YOU!

YOU are the most important person in your life.

When you read those three statements, how do they make you feel? What are your immediate reactions? Do you automatically disagree? Do you feel uncomfortable?

How would your life change if you thought about YOU and what’s best for YOU? Or do you NOT know what’s best for YOU?

I always feel when you come from a place of YOU  that answers come to you. Or at the very least, you see the opportunities that are coming your way. Also when you realize everything begins and ends with you and your attitude, I think life changes for the better.

Mind you I am not talking about dismissing everybody in your orbit.I’m not saying to be selfish to the point of hurting others on purpose. I’m saying its okay to be selfish when changing and pursuing your best life.

TODAY I’m just asking you to read those three statements at the top of this blog and reflect on them!



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Y is for YOU

YOU! Yes YOU! YOU deserve to have a life that runs like a well oiled machine! YOU should be living a life that works FOR you not AGAINST you. I invite you to LOOK at your routines and systems that you have currently in place. OR do you NOT have any systems in place? Is your routines not really routines?

I always say that we get “used” to our situations but that doesn’t mean they are really working for us. We can get used to situations especially if you have never had a well organized life. Being organized does take some work but it doesn’t mean that suddenly every waking moment has to be devoted to keeping everything in perfect order. Let’s take that word PERFECT and eliminated that from our thoughts AND spoken word! There is no such thing as perfect!

Really look at how things are working for you or not. Be honest with yourself. You owe it to you yourself to be honest with YOU! Even if you feel that you are doing fine. Do a check in with yourself. Doing a self check in can ALWAYS be useful!

I will always advocate a smooth, organized life


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