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Super Organizer Saturday: What To Do With Duplicate Photos.

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Remember when you had a camera and you take pictures and then you had to get then developed. Oh my how we have changed. WELL many of those pics are out there. I remember when photo places would have specials like 2 for 1. NOW you have all of these photos and in many cases multiple copies.

Stacks of photos can add up and take up space! You don’t have to throw them all out. I have fun and meaningful solution.

Take all duplicate photos out. Your space will increase. Take those duplicate photos and give or send to the appropriate people. Maybe your aunt would love pics of you and her daughter who is no longer with us. Your best friend lost that picture of you and him and your dates at the prom. You can give him a copy. Its meaningful and decreases the clutter in your space. AND its sends positivity into the world.


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Super Tip Tuesday: What to Do With Old Photographs (Non Digital)

WE ALL have photos somewhere in the house. Are they in boxes? Are they in the bottom of your drawers? Do you have piles and piles in the closet? Here are some quick ideas to organize your old photographs.

Sort through the pics and make 3 piles: Keep, Trash and doubles to give away.

  • Trash means any photos that are super old and you cant see the image anymore. Or they are super ripped or torn.
  • Sometimes you have doubles or lots of one shot. Would anybody involved in the pic or related to the picture want a copy?
  • Keep are the ones you definitely want to keep.

For all the kept one, try to divide into dates and/or events. Or by person.

  • make a pile for all those pics that you have questions about.

Get photo boxes, which you can get at art supply stores or places like Big Lots or Michaels. They usually come with dividers. That is a great way to organize photos.

If you want to scrapbook them or put them in photo albums, GO BUY THEM now and commit to taking time to do it SOON! If not NOW!

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