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Super Tip Tuesday- Book It!



In our continuing efforts to edit our spaces and make them functional, livable and less cluttered, I am giving you another suggestion.

In my organizing practice I see many things that my clients have a lot of and one thing that is very common is BOOKS.

Books take up a lot of space! Books are an interesting item. They are usually read once (some people will read more than once) and then put away. Actually I should clarify, children’s books are read over and over again, but books for older people are using read once. Either way, we can accumulate so many books that they can overtake a space.

Children’s books can be a little tricky to get rid of. You have to work with your child to make sure they are over them. Or in cases of households with multiple kids, so you save the books for the next ones coming up.

Either way I encourage to LOOK at your current book situation.If you have books that you are NOT using or going to read again, its time to get them out. My exceptions are reference books, first editions, signed books, and a few books that might have a significant meaning to you. Otherwise pass them on to friends and family, give them a local charity, offer them to a school or library. We need to get into the habit of passing on things we don’t need or use to others you can and would. Let the flow happen. Pass it on!

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