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Death is a Great Reminder To the Living

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We just lost Carrie Fisher and George Michael over the last few days and they are an unusually LONG list of entertainers, celebrities and important figures that have passed in 2016. In my personal life I have lost 8 people I was close to. It has been a little overwhelming for me! But I am choosing to look at this another way.

We are all going to die. That is a fact. People are going to die on us. It can be rough on our hearts. But I am finding it to be a great reminder to LIVE our lives while we are alive. WE need to live our lives fully! There are things I want to accomplish while I am still here, so I am going to work towards them.

Also its a great reminder to hold onto those you care about that are still here!! I tell the people that I love , that I love them all the time. I end phone calls with I love you! Its so important to show that and live it!

And to those we lost and lose, I will always remember you and carry you with me as i move along life. I will share who you are to the appropriate people too!

Readers…I love you!

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