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It’s Valentine Day’s Eve aka Friday the 13th!


I’m more excited that it is Friday the 13th than I am about Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been a supporter of Valentines Day. I have my own feelings about this “holiday” and what message it sends but I won’t rant on here about that. Fridays that fall on the 13th are fun to me! I’m not superstitious (did i just throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder), I used to have a black cat that I loved and for some reason I feel like smiling all day.

Today I will be working. And tomorrow morning/afternoon I will be working. This year I DO have a Valentine and said valentine wants to celebrate. SO we compromised and we are doing something I can get into. I encourage EVERYONE whether you are single, married or somewhere in between, to have a great weekend and do whatever makes you happy. I invite you do something unexpected or out of the box! Or Do NOTHING and stay in.

My valentine and I always work towards letting go of expectations and try NOT to project things onto each other. It saves a LOTT of heartache and fighting!


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A Good Valentine’s Gift Idea!


One month from today is one of the biggest holidays of the year! Quite frankly its a holiday I’m not a fan of! I think its very commercial and really makes single people feel less than. With that said, I know many people celebrate it and part of that celebration is gift giving.

There are a lot of single mothers or hard-working housewives out there. How about that Grandmother who is always there to babysit the grandchildren? I think the gift of a Professional Organizer is perfect. Or at least the part of the gift could be a professional organizer. Give them someone who can offer a little help to these amazing women!

Here’s an idea. Get a babysitter, take them to a nice dinner and present them with the gift of a session with a Professional Organizer (if you are in LA area, look ME up!). Now THAT’S a good Valentines Day Gift.

Talk Yourself Into Something!

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