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Sort Out Sunday: Re-Purposing to Build Your Urban Garden

In my quest to reduce clutter, i have found the world of repurposing items in my home. I recycle and donate but also re-purposing works.

I’m a gardener and love plants and flowers inside and outside of my home. If you are too, then use glass bottles, jars, cups as vases for flowers and plants. You can decorate them and make them fancy but can also leave them clear.

try it!

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Using My Green Thumb Inside The House.

Above is a pic of my indoor herb and vegetable garden. I love it! I used the herb for seasoning my food I cook. One of my plants is Peppermint. Another is Purple Basil. Both make that part of the room smell great!! I suggest to everyone that if you cook or make salads, grow your own little garden. Find a place that gets some sunlight in her home and do it!
You can do seeds (they are not expensive) but what i did was get little plants at my local farmers market (they were 4 for $5). One they came from a local farm ( I like to support local farms.) and they were already started. I talked to the farmer to find which ones were easy to take care of (I know not everyone has a naturally green thumb) I found a great spot and there you go. It beautifies your room. It can smell good. Its fresh and good for you.

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Super Tip Thursday- 11 Useful Items For Garden and yard Mantainence


For the last year I have been into my urban gardening . I love it! Inside my house and outside in the back yard and sides of the house. It really keeps me centered and its making my surrounding look nice. These are the following items that I have found useful and essential to my garden:

Shears: For trimming grass around tree trunks and shrubs; edging beds and paths; and cutting back ornamental grasses and clumps of perennials.

Scissors: For removing dead flowers; cutting soft-stemmed herbs; pruning small or delicate plants;and snipping twine.I have found that the ones with a spring action are easier to use.

Hand pruner: For cutting branches less than ¾-inch thick; and cutting larger flowers.

Hand weeder: The thin, sharp blade removes shallow-rooted weeds and the long handle lets you reach far into beds.

Digging fork: For turning and cultivating unbroken soil, mixing amendments into soil, breaking up clods, and lifting bulbs and perennials for transplanting and dividing.

Rake: For raking leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other light trash from lawns.

Latex-coated cotton gloves: For dirty, wet jobs, like picking up leaves or planting shrubs.

Heavy-duty leather gloves: For tough jobs, like digging holes and clearing brush and handling thorny bushes.

Water Hose: A good hose is great. 25ft, 50ft. 100ft. 150ft. Make sure you get one that can reach what you need to reach in your yard.

Big Trash Can: In my area we have a Green colored giant can for grass and other yard and garden waste.

Spray Bottle: I really use this on my indoor plants. Keeps the leaves green and clean.


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