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Super Organizer Thursday- Thinking Globally


I just completed the first part of fall trip. It was the vacation portion. I had limited cell reception and NO reception at certain parts of the trip. It was hard at first but ultimately liberating. I was “forced” to take a vacation for real! Ha! This is hard for those of us who run a company, On some level you have to check an email here or there, right? Well As I go through my emails today, I see that my company hasn’t fallen apart and life is still moving right along.  I think it is very important to tune out for a few days and enjoy a non-work life. I don’t want to burn out from working so much! I don’t want my passion (which is my work) to become a problem. I can honestly say that this felt like a REAL vacation!

I went on a 5 day cruise to the Caribbean. First up was Key West. I’ve been before but it was nice to be back. It’s such a quaint little town. I enjoy Duval Street. The weather was warm but perfect. I like the Florida Keys! The American Caribbean.


Then we had a day at sea. I relaxed, made friends and drank and ate too much! Then we were in the British West Indies and stopped at Grand Cayman Island. It’s the largest of the 3 pat chain. First of all it was situated in the southwestern part of the Caribbean. I thought it was in a another part! LOL! So I was REALLY far from the US. Grand Cayman had some beautiful beaches and plant life. I enjoyed a Turtle farm along the way.Then we had another day at sea.

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This vacation was exactly what I needed after a busy year or so. It was nice to get off the “wheel” and relax. More importantly it was great to see another country and experience another piece of the world that is very different from mine! The more places I go, the more the world gets smaller and smaller for me mentally. I feel that’s a great thing. I am thinking about my next adventure, but for now I’m off to my nieces wedding here in Florida.

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Monday Monday


Happy Monday Everyone in the Super Organizer Universe! I’m coming to the last week of my road trip across the United States. I Started out in New Mexico, then Kansas City, both Kansas and Missouri sides, Pittsburgh, New York City (and Brooklyn), and next Chicago and Sacramento (with a quick stop in Los Angeles).While I love to travel outside the country, I LOVE traveling within our borders! Every city and region is different from the next. I recommend that everyone go and explore. You can even start with the places I just mentioned above.

I’m a store/grocery store freak! I like to shop at these places and see what they offer that is different from what I get in LA. Places like: Publix, Aldi, Giant Eagle, FoodTown, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Kuhns, Price Chopper. There are certain regional items that I can only get at some of these stores like my Skyline Chili in Southern Ohio or my Goya Brand products in NYC. Yes Goya is now sold across the country but the selection is larger on the East Coast. And you can find many organizing supplies at these places for prices that are amazing!

Parts of our country are really beautiful! I loved waking up to a beautiful sunrise in the desert of Albuquerque! Or travelling through the Bonneville Salt Plains in Utah (it’s so bright!).I love the corn fields in the Midwest, even though you could NEVER get me to go in them! The roads are different. The way street lights are hung and so much open space that I don’t get to see in So Cal. My other favorite thing is seeing the architecture of the buildings and homes. The A Frame homes, brick homes, the very tall apartment buildings, I could go on and on.


It’s nice to see other surroundings. It’s good to experience things outside of your usual. I will admit that if I’m gone too long, I get a little homesick. I LOVE living in Los Angeles! But its nice go away and miss it sometimes, then I come home and appreciate it more! Also I take what i see and taste and experience and bring it back with for inspiration. I feel re energized! This trip I finished proofreading a book that I am writing. Also I started writing a screenplay for a musical I’ve been kicking around my head for some time. AND I’m anxious to get back to LA and finish some paintings I started. Changing your scenery can be good for your psyche.

I have a great appreciation for our country and I feel very fortunate that I am able to travel across it!

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