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Sort Out Sunday- What Do To With Samples

I love getting samples of products, especially face and skin stuff. Of course I am an organizer and don’t want to add clutter to my spaces. I am believer of bringing things in your house and USING them! Here are some suggestions from me:

If you have space on a counter, get a small basket/tray/cup/bowl and put the samples in there and USE them. Having them OUT is great way to not FORGET them. 

Put in your gym bag and use them.

Take them with you when you travel. Especially for short trips, they are usually the right amount.

Trash any samples you don’t want. OR give away to someone you might know would like them! 





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Today’s Travel Tip


I travel a lott! Through trial and error I find ways to travel smarter not harder. Also I am always combing the interwebs for tips too.I am going to share one tip with you today:

If you are travel through many time zones, then you know jet lag. It is not fun. On the flight, avoid alcohol and salt. 


The Alcohol part is HARD for me, I need alcohol to survive the flight! HAHA! But they both dehydrate you which can affect your rhythms and sleep/awake part of the first part of your trip.


Here is a second tip if you can’t avoid alcohol or salt: Pre-adjust your clock to the reflect the time zone you are going to be in. Do it a few days before you leave for your trip and get up and go to bed at the times when you would go to bed there.

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4 Travel Apps That I Like


I travel a lot. I travel for work, for play and for family. I like to be organized AND prepared before I go on the road. Also I like to have info at my fingertips for anything that might arise. I am going to share with you 4 Travel mobile apps that I like to use and work well for me.

TravelSafe Pro

A great (and possibly)  life-saving database of emergency service numbers for just about every country you’d ever care to visit, plus plenty for those that you wouldn’t. There’s also embassy details should passports go missing. Available on Android.


Stripping away the glossy magnificence ladled on by just about every online travel agency out there, this is the place to find brutally honest reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. The user-base is notoriously hard to please, so be warned that you’ll most likely find exclamation mark strewn rants next to your favourite spots. Still, on the flip side, touch down in a strange city with nowhere to stay and you’ll only ever be a few prods away from the warts-and-all opinions of travellers just like you. Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


This popular travel website  was introduced to me by a friend about 9 years ago and it was the online version. Kayak also offers an app which allows you to book flights and hotels easily. The app compares hundreds of travel sites in order to find you the best rates. Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and Kindle devices, free.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight allows users to make same-day reservations as early as 9:00 am, and links up to properties all over the world. Studies have shown that more and more hotel bookings are taking place via apps, and that of those, the vast majority are at the last-minute.  So far, you can book hotels in 12 countries and 150 destinations, and they are continuing to increase this. Available on Android and iPhone, free.


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