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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 4

It is #GOMonth and I’ve been giving you challenged every few days or so. Hopefully they are bringing something to you as far as organization and awareness! 

Here is the 4th challenge:

Do A Wastebasket/Trashcan count in your place! Make sure every room has one! 

They are expensive. You can get cute ones for cheap! All bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and garages should have a can in them! For many of those rooms, small ones will do.

Many times when there isn’t a trashcan in the room, things sit and don’t get taken to the trash can in the other part of the house. Also its makes things easier to throw out with a can nearby  Junk mail, really broken items, old underwear, containers, etc.

You got this! It’s in the can!!! 


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Super Tip Thursday: Trashcans Are Your Friends


Trashcans/Wastebaskets should be near the sink. We throw away a lot of waste in the bathroom such as razors, q-tips, tissues and we should make it easy to reach. There are many kinds of trash bins to choose from. Some say plastic is the best in bathroom and trash bags are recommended to help protect the cans from such bathroom related items as nail polish remover stained cotton balls.

see related article Bag It!

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Super Tip Thursday- Trash Cans Are Important


Something that I suggest to clients is to have small to medium size trash cans/bins in every major room. Really you ask.  YES!

We make a lot of trash. We sometimes don’t throw anything away because there isn’t a can nearby, so it stays on the table or desk or counter top.


Some of the bins can be designated for recycling too. Those magazines you are done reading, the newspaper (my parents still have one delivered everyday), the opened junk mail, having a place within reach can keep the counter tops, couches, trays, and tables cleared off and not a catch all.

Its all about making things easy, which will increase motivation and create routine.


trashcans by Bed Bath and Beyond  and The Container Store.

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Quick Tip Wednesday:Bag It!

bags Trash_cans_in_row


Trashcans! Wastebaskets! Whichever name you use, we can all agree that they are important assets to any home (indoor and outdoor). Everyday we throw away all kinds of trash and the trashcans get full and we tie it up and take them outside for pickup. Today’s quick tip is about the trash bags. Not about what kind to use (there are many different kinds on the market) but a time saving tip.

Trashcans are usually stored throughout the house where you need them, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, bedrooms, etc, but the trash bags are probably stored in ONE place. Maybe they are way down in the basement, or out in the garage on a shelf. So maybe you go back and forth to empty the cans and then go get the trash bags or you carry the new trash bags draped on your shoulder and replace as your doing. My suggestion is to keep a couple of extra trash bags at the bottom of the trashcan UNDERNEATH the open one. Then what happens is that you always have one handy and ready at each one and it saves time and energy.

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