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A Toy Box For Every Room


Recently a client made a request of me to find a way to help her with setting up a system to keep her young childrens toys and stuff nearby and organized. She didn’t want everything in their bedroom since they (ages 5 and 7) are mostly in the other rooms of the house. Plus she works from home and wants to keep an eye on them in whatever room all three are in. YET keep the rooms clutter free. I love challenges like this. I liken it to putting all the pieces together in a puzzle.

I came up with an idea that she liked:

 Designate and create a small kid’s area in almost every room. With the exception of perhaps the dining room and your bedroom, have a space for your children’s things in each room of the house. One way to do this is to place the children’s toy boxes or baskets in a corner of the room nearest to the entry of the room. That way when you look into the living room, for example, it looks clean because most of the children’s toys and games are tucked away in the corner. It doesn’t mean children don’t use the whole room, it’s just when they’re done playing or drawing or coloring,  their things go back into their area.

This really works for Mom. This particular client works from home while taking care of the two young ones. It also helps her at the end of the day. She can just pick up the things still lying around and place them in the container. It’s easy access for everyone involved and we found cute, inexpensive storage cubes that matched each room’s color scheme (at Big Lots).



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Super Tip Tuesday: Hello Old Friend.



Todays tip come from a rule that i like to follow in my personal life AND professional life as an organizer: The One Year Rule.

The One Year Rule is when you look at something,a piece of paper, shoes, clothes, toys, and ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year! If the answer is NO, then it’s probably time to let it go.  If the One Year Rule is not comfortable for you, then try the Two Year Rule or Five Year rule. You get the picture. I’ll even expand, just a bit, in reference to clothes and I use another rule that i find works with the One Year Rule: The Does It Still Fit/ Is It In Decent Condition Still Rule! Even I had to recently pull out the 15 Year Rule and FINALLY look at that shirt (that was now too small, ahem) with the holes in it and stains of questionable origin and through it out! At first it was painful, but now I’m okay and have moved on. Family’s with small and school age children can find themselves with LOTS of toys laying around or the toy box overflowing with things they don’t even acknowledge exist. In the past when the kids were little we would take the toys that the kids moved on from and passed them on to the younger kids. 

Try it and see how much more room you’ll have in your space. And if the item is in still relatively good condition, you can donate it or pass it on to a friend who WILL use it!



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