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Self Promotion: A Skilled Organizer and Life Coach Here

Talk Yourself Into Something!

Time for some shameless promotion! Spring is around the corner. Hopefully the season will change and the snow will melt and the temps will rise. Its always a good time to put away the winter stuff and bring out the spring/summer stuff. Its also a great time to clean! TO SPRING CLEAN!!!!

Myself, The Super Organizer, will offer tips and solution during this time period. AND As always I offer my services a Professional Organizer AND Certified Life Coach. It is my pleasure to help you get the most of your space! My rates are affordable and I am friendly, and trustworthy and NON JUDGMENTAL!


You can go to for more details. You can contact me there, or here or on twitter @thesupero

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Treat Yourself!

Talk Yourself Into Something!

2015 is coming in a few days! You deserve the best year yet! Treat yourself. Treat yourself (or someone in your life)  to a Life Coach or Professional Organizer! Like ME! I am here to help!!!!

Below are links to my pages:

Life Coaching

Professional Organizing


Some of you might not be ready now so keep me in mind all year-long. It’s never too late! I am certified and trained. I am nice and friendly and non-judgemental!

 Lets have the best year!


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Attention Los Angeles- Holiday Season IS here! I’m HERE to help!

Talk Yourself Into Something!

Holiday Season is upon us! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years are among the big ones that we will be encountering over the next 2 months! The Super Organizer is here to help.

  • I can clear out spaces/rooms for guests and entertaining.
  • I can help organize and assist on holiday events.
  • I can help with holiday decoration. Gift wrapping too.
  • I can help with shopping and other errands.
  • I can help with clean up and re organization.

Those and other holiday related services are available. (Plus all regular, year-round services too.)

I can help the hectic season be less hectic for you!

Visit me at for more details and to contact me!

Have a great season everyone!

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Super Tip Tuesday- What Life Coaching Can Do For You


Many people don’t fully understand what being life coached can do for their lives. Coaching produces satisfying results for individuals from all walks of life. Corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits are discovering the value of coaching for their organizations. I completed the Life Coaching Certification program with the Coach Training Alliance earlier this year!
Coaching is also a deeply fulfilling profession that brings a positive impact to people.To coach effectively one has to start.from the center of who they are and connect with the client form an authentic place. As a professional coach, I encourage my clients to be themselves, to expand beyond their limitations, and to become stronger, more alive human beings. Often, clients achieve better results because they have become more of who they are. A positive ripple effect flows from this out to all the relationships connected to that client.

And I’m here to assist you in the process! Goto for more details and inquiries.

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I’m Full But It All Looks Delicious.


Do You feel that you need more storage space? Are the places you have designated for storage all full?  Do you have an actual storage unit you are renting and can’t fit anything else in it ? and need to go through it? Maybe its time to eliminate some stuff or reorganize it. Sometimes we don’t use space properly and it just takes another eye and brain to reconfigure. If you need assistance or suggestions, contact The Super Organizer!   or

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The White Glove Test


Not sure if your cleaning/housekeeping person/staff is doing a good job? Are you sure of what to look for in a clean space?

I have created a Cleaning Checklist. I will come in and do a”Black Glove/White Glove”test and audit your apartment/house/office. For $25, I will go room by room, with the checklist I created (from years of experience) , and make an analysis of how clean your space really is. You will receive a full detailed report you can use for evaluation.

Everyone does not clean in the same way. Also an area or space “looks” clean but at a closer look, it really isn’t. For an additional fee, I can come in and clean your space to show you the difference. OR I can come in and show the person who is doing the cleaning, what the not so positive areas are and ways to correct the situation. My goal is for you to have a clean, safe space!

Go to for more.

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Super Organizer Services!


Below are services that The Super Organizer  offers. There are many services not on this list that can be discussed. Available 7 days a week (except holidays). Available in Los Angeles AND Nationwide! Contact me at for rates and pricing.

  • Closet Clean Up and Organization
    Garage Clean Up and Organization
    Pantry/Kitchen Cabinet Clean Up and Organization
    Paper Sorting and Shredding
    File Organization
    Organizational Life Coaching
    Jewelry Cleaning
    Fine Silverware Cleaning
    Help with Packing or Unpacking
    Data Entry
    Music Uploading onto Computer or iPod
    Help with Preparation of Parties
    Furniture Dusting and/or Polishing
    Housekeeping Audits*
    Liasion for Contractors/Cable/Plumber
    Picture Hanging
    Indoor Plant Maintainance
    Gift Wrapping and Organization (great during holiday seasons)
    Photo Scanning and Organization
    File Scanning and Organization
    Notary Services
    Room, Office, House Packout
    Organization of Estate Selling
    Organization of Garage/Yard Sales
    Data Entry
    Spreadsheet Creation and Letter Writing
    Resume Writing and HR training
    Party Planning
    Event Management
    Event Set up
    Event Tear down
    Office Set Up
    Public Speaking
    Workshop Teacher


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