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Its MY 1 YEAR Anniversary on the Radio!!!!!!!




On June 5th 2015 a dream was realized and I joined the world of radio when Adrenaline Radio gave me a show!! Super Organizer Universe Radio Show was born and my first guests were Comedian/Host Lacretia Lyon and Organizer Elizabeth Greer Taylor! I also said “so” 900 times! LOL I was hooked and this year has gone by fast! On February 5th 2016 I relaunched as The Super Organizer Show with James Lott Jr (The SOS Show) and got us on itunes and Spreaker. It has been phenomenal!

Thank you guests, listeners, family and friends and Adrenaline Radio and Bryan Leon for everything!

The celebration is LIVE Friday, June 3rd from 10-11am PST, with guests Lacretia and Mark J Freeman! ANd who knows who’ll call in and you can too at 1-800-405-6425!!  Here is the live link:







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