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Super Tip Tuesday: What to Do With Old Photographs (Non Digital)

WE ALL have photos somewhere in the house. Are they in boxes? Are they in the bottom of your drawers? Do you have piles and piles in the closet? Here are some quick ideas to organize your old photographs.

Sort through the pics and make 3 piles: Keep, Trash and doubles to give away.

  • Trash means any photos that are super old and you cant see the image anymore. Or they are super ripped or torn.
  • Sometimes you have doubles or lots of one shot. Would anybody involved in the pic or related to the picture want a copy?
  • Keep are the ones you definitely want to keep.

For all the kept one, try to divide into dates and/or events. Or by person.

  • make a pile for all those pics that you have questions about.

Get photo boxes, which you can get at art supply stores or places like Big Lots or Michaels. They usually come with dividers. That is a great way to organize photos.

If you want to scrapbook them or put them in photo albums, GO BUY THEM now and commit to taking time to do it SOON! If not NOW!

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Super Tip Tuesday: A Solution For Quick Clean Ups



I work with families and one of the biggest issues I hear is that during the week everyone is super busy and pressed for time. If they are going to clean or organize, the best time is on the weekends. I like to make things simple and easy yet practical and still organized on some level. Here is one way to achieve all of that:

 Use large baskets, decorative storage cubes or other containers for “catch-alls” and quick clean-ups. Have a basket/cube/container in the kitchen for quick toy, crafts and book pick-up. Have a container (labeled with their name) for each member of the house in your entryway. They can dump their things there. I suggest entryway (mudrooms work too) because you want to keep the potential mess from the rest of the house. ANd any family can see something that belongs to another family that is NOT in its right place and put in that persons container. This also eliminates the never-ending question, “Do you know where my _______ is?” If someone left it lying around, they’ll most likely find it in their container.  Then designate a day that everyone must clean out their box. I might schedule it every Friday night or Saturday morning.

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Super Tip Tuesday: Where to Start? Paper Products


“I will read those when I get some time.” ” I was saving them for my daughter. I just haven’t put them together and sent them to her.” “There is just SO many that I’m overwhelmed.”

Those are just a few of MANY responses I’ve been given when I first see a client for a consultation. Paper Products organization or removal make up 40 % of my business.Paper products include magazines, flyers, brochures, mail, junk mail, newspapers and files. I’ve gone into many homes and offices and the piles of papers are everywhere. And what starts out so unassuming (It’s just paper?!) can be the MOST troublesome, space enveloping, overwhelming part of your space. If you have this problem (Even I’VE had this problem!), then of course you should contact THE SUPER ORGANIZER for assistance. But until then and over the course of time, I will offer some tips of how to handle this situation growing (or have already grown) in your space.

Where DO I start???? I believe that ANY step ANY size is a great thing!! I offer A WAY of getting started:

Start Slow and Easy

Identify a small spot in your home or office. It could be the small stack of papers on your desk. Maybe its six magazines in the bathroom. It’s the post it notes on the refrigerator! Walk over to it.  Then one by one touch each piece and look at it. What is it? Can it be tossed, recycled, filed away or does it need to stay there? And really think about the answer, then act! Handle it right then and there. If its trash or can be trashed, walk over to the trashcan and throw it away. If its something that is ready to be filed away, than walk over to where it should be filed/put away and file/put it away. If its recycling, then set it aside till you have all the items to be recycled.(then after you’re done, recycle them.) If its something that need to stay there, then decide is it something i can work on RIGHT NOW or does it have to wait. If you can work on it, I suggest you work on it and get it out the way (then of course you will file it.). If it needs to be package and mailed out, then package and set it up to mail it out.  If it has to wait, it has to wait. Neatly keep it there.I think you get the picture.  Its a slow process but you get there. An empty space emerges! Then the sense of accomplishment washes over you!!

I suggest doing this a couple of times a week. More and more space will open up. The key is to NOT stress out about doing it. Don’t try to do it after you’ve had a long day at work and you’re exhausted.  Maybe do it on a Sunday morning while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee. Do it when you’re relaxed (well maybe not TOO relaxed.) Try it once and maybe you’ll be motivated to try it again. The motivation may come to clear out whole areas eventually. Small steps can lead to big results.

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