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Super Tip Thursday- Clutter is a Result of Delayed Decisions

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I love this quote! I believe it to be true!

Decisions delayed. Not wanting to make a decision. Afraid to make a decision. There are probably decisions to be made for much of whats going on in your clutter.

Its time to stop the delay! if you need help like a Professional Organizer or a Certified Life Coach or a Pastor or therapist…its time to take that step. I want you all to live life in the present and not a life of delayed actions and your past failures staring you in the face. You deserve to always be moving forward!


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Super Tip Thursday: Work Organization Tip

I saw this online at and I really like these principles for organization at the Workplace!!!

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Super Tip Thursday: Dreams Can Become Realities!

I really like this quote! I find it educational. Its great to dream and have a dream. But to turn a dream into reality you have to create a plan to make it happen. The same applies to decluttering a space.  Create a list or step by step plan and it keeps you organized and the dream becomes attainable. It becomes real! I AM PROOF OF THAT FACT!!!

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Super Tip Thursday: A Shelf Idea That I Love


Duncan Wilkinson’s DIY Entertainment Center With Bookshelves free standing unit was made possible by the use of  Kee Klamps that effortlessly connect each piece of shelving to one another. Therefore, the whole thing can be moved without ever compromising the structural integrity of the shelf



Super Tip Thursday- H is for Honesty

Honesty. Being Honest. Honestly looking at a situation. Honestly speaking. Honesty is the best policy. I think most of us can agree that honesty is a good thing. Being honest is a good virtue to posess. I know that sometimes honesty hurts. AND being honest with one self can be difficult. But I believe for any kind of success to happen, that you have to be honest with yourself first!
Before you organize yourself or with a Professional Organizer, I think you have to look inward and ask yourself certain questions. You need honesty when organizing.
Being honest aligns you with the power of strength.
Be objective when looking at your limitations.
Be real about your talents.
Don’t lie about your ablilites.
Be forthcoming about the things that make you feel embarrassed.
Do you need outside help (such as a therapist, Life Coach, friend) ?
Do you have the answers within you and are afraid to accept them?
The ideal situation is that you are open to organization and being on a happy path, honestly.
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Super Tip Thursday- Making Room For That Jacket IN The Closet


Do you have a hard time fitting your newly bought clothes in your closet? Maybe its time to thin out.

Does it seem like you don’t have room for the clothes that CAME out of the closet?

One suggestion is to take time out of a day and go through and take out the old clothes and/or clothes you don’t wear anymore.

There might be things that could be folded instead of hung. Take those out. ( of course you need to make sure that your drawers are nice)

The plan is to have a less than full closet so that when you do need to hang something up, it will be easier.

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Super Tip Thursday- Dry Erase Boards


Dry Erase Boards are great for writing out thoughts and ideas. They Are useful in mapping out things. They can be used to chart things and clarify situations.  I LOVE them! I use them in my life for some of my larger ideas and concepts and/or when I am fleshing out a new idea. And you can erase and change anything on the board at any time!


Now they come in tons of different sizes. I like the big ones the most! I like to SEE it! But I do have a few medium size ones. My cousin has the small 5 x 7 decorative ones.  There are also those out there  that go by days of the week (and month-long ones too). Just some thing to think about when you are planning. Or want to write out a chore chart for the kidlets. Dry Erase boards are totally versatile!

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