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Super Thought of the Day- What Would Happen If I Didn’t Go Grocery Shopping For A Week?

Image result for no grocery shopping challengeWhat if you didn’t go to a grocery store for a week?

Would you have enough food to eat without running out? Now make sure you answer that question correctly. I’m not asking if there is food there but you don’t want to eat it LOL Would you have enough food to eat for a week?

Some people hoard food or buy so much food and just store it until it goes bad.

Lets eat our food and declutter those spaces!

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Super Thought of The Day- What If I Used The Sauce Packets

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costume SetInspired by a friend of mine, I decided to start using the sauce packets ion my drawer!! Yes the sauce packets! More than likely they will sit in there and go back and you’ll be throwing them out one day. So I thought what if I used them instead of the bottles that I have. So that’s the mustard, ketchup, mayo and salsa! Now I have no more packets of sauce in my drawers. Try it

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Super Thought Of The Day: Waking Up Stress Free

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I like waking up and being stress free when I do. What does that mean? Well the stresses of the day may and will come but do I  want to wake up stressed. Also I don’t want stress right after I wake up. I want to have some peace before the world comes at me! I’m sure you do to!

So i do a few things to wake up and have a smooth morning. It’s called helping your Tomorrow Self. It’s about time management! Here are a few suggestions:

The night before, pick out your outifit. 

Wake up a little earlier in the morning. Don’t wake up at the last minute.Give yourself some time to wake up slowly and get adjusted.

Some mornings I make a big batch of oatmeal, split it in half. And now i have oatmeat for two days. Saves on the time to make breakfast.

My keys and work bag are ready with all the things I need for the day and they are in the same spot every day! Easy to remember and grab.

I love waking up and knowing some things are done already. Gives me ease.

Try these things.

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Super Thought of the Day: Being Different Is Good

I had a situation recently with a first time client that led to this post . Let me explain the situation first.

 I gained a new client and came to her house to begin and her husband pulled her into another room and told her that he couldn’t have a black man touching his things In his house. Mind you that I heard him say this also, the walls were thin. She came back out and told me that she had to back out. She offered me money for the 3 hr session that was aborted.
In a calm voice I told her to keep her money. And added that I couldn’t accept money from people who hire based on race and that I was more disappointed in her than him. Then I left.
As I turn 50 next month, it’s surprising that I can still be shocked and discriminated because of the color of my skin and what that is to people.

It made me think about each of us who is an Organizer and how we come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, etc…that clients are so fortunate to have a diverse group of professionals to choose from. Each of us has value and experience to share. While everyone has a right to work with or not work with whomever they choose, I like working with people who aren’t exactly like me. (well there is no one exactly like me)

Another great thing is that many of us are more alike than we realize and though we may look diffrent from each other or grew up on opposite ends of the country, we have things in common.


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Super Thought Of The Day: Practicing Self Care

I’m not feeling well today as i write this. Nothing related to my bells palsy (for a change) just a regular cold. I have been organizing a lot since I’ve been back in LA and I think I got run down. Self care is a big issue for me! Meaning, I fully believe in it. So i took the day off to rest.

I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what it needs. How many of us DON’T do that?  How many of us just push thru? I decided that I need to take care of my self but also those around me . I have a job today that I cancelled. I do not want to get my client sick and she get her family sick. That isn’t good. Also not all money is good money and I know especially when you are an entrepreneur, the tendency is to work no matter what! But that’s not good!

I choose to protect the village and get better so that I can better serve my community!

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Super Thought of the Day: Why Haven’t I Began?

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This is a new feature. I think all the time. LOL Some of those thoughts I want to share with you! Here is today’s thought:

So you read the quote above and it sounds soooooooo easy, right? OR does it sound sooooooo hard?

For me, its the first one. I am a do-er and i have found the more I begin projects, the easier it becomes to begin. Why? Because the unknown is abolished once you start. You SEE whats going on as you DO.

If its hard to you, its the connection and motivation you have to muster up AND the doubts of can you do it? Or it seems too hard? Or sometimes its as simple as, I don’t know where to start?

If your answer is the one of those, then i invite you to look honestly within your self and challenge yourself to start no matter what! You can always modify, edit and change after you start something! Always!

Something to think about…