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One Fact About Sunscreen I Never Really Thought About!

I was reading in a magazine about facts on sunscreen and one of the facts caught my eye!!

I never really thought about it before.

And you take it to hot , sunny places with you.

I learned that sunscreen left in the sun can change have damaging effects. While left in the sun, the properties of the sunscreen change! It can DEACTIVATE the ingredients! 

So at home, put bottle in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight hitting it.

At the beach or park, place under a towel or beach bag or in your cooler!

Something to think about!

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Super Tip Tuesday: Always Be Ready For The Beach!

Unless you are in Florida or Hawaii, now is the time of the year when its beach season!! Sometimes you know when you are going to the beach, other times it may be a spontaneous thing. One suggestion I have to is to pre-pack a tote bag!
Fill a tote bag with towels, swimsuits/trunks, sunscreen, hats, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, whatever you think you would take to the beach. Store it in the trunk of your car, or neatly corner of your closet. Have fun and be safe!

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