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What Is My Favorite Fabric Softener?

Suavitel!!! My favorite! Just wanted to share with you all! 



My Cologne Comes In A Big Plastic Bottle.


“James you smell so good. What are you wearing?” “Wow! Your clothes smell so good. I could sniff you all day.”  I get this and similar comments every other day!! I have one word for you,Suavitel! Yes Suavitel!

About 8 years ago my then roommate brought home a blue bottle of fabric softener with this weird name. We were living near the Mission District of San Francisco. The Mission District has a large Hispanic community and some of the stores carry products from Mexico or Central and South America. I’m not sure where exactly he got it from but I took one smell of it and my laundry life was changed!

Suavitel really makes your clothes, towels, sheets, everything soft and smell really good. One of the best things is that you don’t need to use a lot of it for it to work.(We all love our products to be cost-effective.) I have found it to be safe on my clothes. AND it smells great!!! They have a bunch of different great smelling scents. You can find it everywhere fabric softener is sold. I have turned several of my clients into Suavitel fans! Try it!!!!

P.S. It also comes in fabric softener sheets….


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