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The Myth of Using THAT Box Later

DON’T save the box that your appliances and electronics come in!

YOU will NOT use it later!

You will not pack it back up in the box when you move 100 years later.

It will not bring more value to your items if you decide to sell it later. (Unboxed, new looking items do that.)

Chances are the appliance will ware out and then you won’t need the box.

You can cut off any important info ON the box and put in a file or ziplock bag labelled what it’s for.

Keeping the boxes takes up valuable real estate for something else or for space!

I will make only ONE exception- IF you have the room, break down the box so that you can slide it somewhere to store it. WHen you breakdown the box, less space is used. BUT that’s only if you have the space. If not then this becomes a problem too. I still think you won’t use it!



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Super Organizer Saturday: Here’s Some Great Christmas Storing Supplies!!


I don’t work for Big Lots! I am not a paid spokesperson for big lots! I AM a Big Lots Buzz Reward member and frequent shopper! I found they items in their Christmas section that I think are great items for storing Christmas items! AND they are so affordable. I am passing on the info to YOU!!!!


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One Fact About Sunscreen I Never Really Thought About!

I was reading in a magazine about facts on sunscreen and one of the facts caught my eye!!

I never really thought about it before.

And you take it to hot , sunny places with you.

I learned that sunscreen left in the sun can change have damaging effects. While left in the sun, the properties of the sunscreen change! It can DEACTIVATE the ingredients! 

So at home, put bottle in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight hitting it.

At the beach or park, place under a towel or beach bag or in your cooler!

Something to think about!

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Have Several Seats!

You want to add some additional seating in your living room/front room and you don’t have space for another love seat or couch. Using ottomans or storage cubes can be a great addition and very functional for the space!
When they are not in use, you can store magazines, books, children’s toys and they can serve as mini tables. (The trick is NOT to use them as junk storage or to hide things in them.) Then when guests come over, you can move them around and place them strategically in the room.

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Super Saturday Tip: Rotate Out Older Tupperware

Clear Tupperware Containers after they get kinda old and overused are good as mini storage for loose, small items such as paper clips and buttons and coins.

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Super Tip Tuesday: A Solution For Quick Clean Ups



I work with families and one of the biggest issues I hear is that during the week everyone is super busy and pressed for time. If they are going to clean or organize, the best time is on the weekends. I like to make things simple and easy yet practical and still organized on some level. Here is one way to achieve all of that:

 Use large baskets, decorative storage cubes or other containers for “catch-alls” and quick clean-ups. Have a basket/cube/container in the kitchen for quick toy, crafts and book pick-up. Have a container (labeled with their name) for each member of the house in your entryway. They can dump their things there. I suggest entryway (mudrooms work too) because you want to keep the potential mess from the rest of the house. ANd any family can see something that belongs to another family that is NOT in its right place and put in that persons container. This also eliminates the never-ending question, “Do you know where my _______ is?” If someone left it lying around, they’ll most likely find it in their container.  Then designate a day that everyone must clean out their box. I might schedule it every Friday night or Saturday morning.

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