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Spring Cleaning Saturday: Some Quotes to Inspire

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Giving Yourself A Chance to Redefine Yourself!

THIS quote is everything to me! I encourage you to really read this quote! Spring Cleaning is about YOU!



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Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner!

Right now a lot of the country is under snow, so this next statement may seem like a lifetime in the future. Spring Cleaning Time will be upon us soon!

March 20th is the official first day of Spring! Just want to give you all a heads up. Set your dates. I will be heading challenges, offering tips, and MY services ( It’s an exciting time! Another chance to clear out the old and begin anew!

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It’s Spring And You Know What That Means….



I love this time of the year. In my part of the country, Southern California, the trees start the bloom and the temp gets a little warmer. I also like what this time of year represents. Spring. Spring is about renewal and rebirth. This is a great time to restart. It is a great time to reevaluate. It is a good time to purge and prioritize.

So I invite you to look at your space(s). While looking at your space(s), don’t get overwhelmed. Stay calm! Right now you are looking around and seeing what needs to be done. Or you are looking and deciding what need to happen. It could be swapping out winter clothes for spring and summer ware. It might be cleaning out the fridge and freezer. It must be organizing the garage. Whatever it is, just assess what needs to be done. Get it in your mind that it NEEDS to be done and that you WILL do it! Mindset is everything in this process! 


This is the time of the season that I will share tips and suggestions about spring cleaning and organizing in general. We will get through this TOGETHER!!! Happy Spring Cleaning Season!

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Self Promotion: A Skilled Organizer and Life Coach Here

Talk Yourself Into Something!

Time for some shameless promotion! Spring is around the corner. Hopefully the season will change and the snow will melt and the temps will rise. Its always a good time to put away the winter stuff and bring out the spring/summer stuff. Its also a great time to clean! TO SPRING CLEAN!!!!

Myself, The Super Organizer, will offer tips and solution during this time period. AND As always I offer my services a Professional Organizer AND Certified Life Coach. It is my pleasure to help you get the most of your space! My rates are affordable and I am friendly, and trustworthy and NON JUDGMENTAL!


You can go to for more details. You can contact me there, or here or on twitter @thesupero

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The 5 Day Challenge



Over at my spinoff blog  I started a 5 day challenge to my readers on Monday and it will continue till Friday. I understand that Spring Cleaning and/or organizing can’t always happen at one time and for a large time block. So i am suggesting small starts in certain areas each day. They don’t take that long and uncluttering happens as a result! I believe each of my challenges are helpful and useful and work. I invite you to check out them and put them to use!

Check out my 5 Day Challenge (and other useful tips) at

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Super Tip Tuesday: Set The Date


Spring Cleaning Season is upon us! This is one of my FAVORITE seasons of the four! Springs represent birth and renewal to me. Depending on where you live, literally your landscape outside is re-birthing and renewing. When I go to Pittsburgh, PA this time of year, I get to see the snow and ice melt away and the trees and grass come to life. (Okay so its a little harder in Los Angeles because we don’t have seasons but it does get a lot greener out here this time of year.)

This time of year inspires me. The weather is getting a little warmer which puts a smile on my face. The time change makes it stay lighter later in the day which motivates me. And MOTIVATION is key to organization! So here is my first challenge to everyone: if you are looking to spring clean, then first look at your calendar…….and SET THE DATE!

In future blogs I’ll talk about the next steps but first  SETTING THE DATE makes it real! One step at a time. We will work out the rest of the details next. Really pick a day and realistically how long you will work. If its one hour, then NAME the hour! If its the whole day, then block out the day! SET THE DATE.


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