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Sort Out Sunday: Choose Your Professional Organizer Carefully

I have a new client who I started working with a few weeks ago. I really like him and his openness to get organized. I am not his first organizer though. He let me know that he had one before me and he was not happy. He said their pacing was different. Her energy didn’t help him stay motivated or focused and he didn’t agree with a few of her techniques. So he fired her and it took him awhile to hire another PO (ME). 

It got me thinking and I feel I need to say this out loud. 

YOU can choose the Professional Organizer that is the right fit for you! 

You don’t have to settle with the first organizer you see and hire. You are handling your personal space and individual items and that is serious. It is no ones fault if you aren’t a match. Like anything else, you have choices and any professional knows that they might not be right for everyone. 

There are many organizers out there. You need to feel comfortable. The more comfortable  you are , the better you feel and the more open you are to the process. So take your time and if you need to try out a few organizers, do it! 

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Sort Out Sunday – Do You Even Use That Anymore

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Today I am asking you to go throughout your house and find the items you haven’t used in years. Things like a blender, printer, chopper…is it just taking up valuable real estate in your home. Have you upgraded since then?

For example, I had a regular blender for years then I got a Ninja Blender and use that. The regular blender just sat there. I got rid of it and donated it and now someone else who needed a blender has it.

I always think that the stuff that is just sitting in my house not being used could make someone else happy.


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Sort Out Sunday: Bringing ONLY Things You WILL Use In Your Home

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I’ve written blog posts about repurposing and I’ve blog posts on getting rid of things as you bring things into you home. I’ve also talked about rotating your clothes. Now I am writing about something that I am practicing myself. Only bringing items into the home that will be used.ACTUALLY USED!  And I don’t mean in a year! And I don’t mean MIGHT be used. I’m talking about going to the store and only buying clothes, accessories, food items, appliances, etc that will have a spot to be and will be used.

I got the idea from a minimalist friend of mine. I didn’t want to go that extreme, but the thought is similar. The benefits are less clutter forming, money-saving, knowing what you actually have in your home, and  things get used. I am on a new crusade to use the items that are in my home. Get my money’s worth! AND as a Professional Organizer, I want to eliminate clutter! This accomplishes both! Think about this!

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Sort Out Sunday: Re-Purposing to Build Your Urban Garden

In my quest to reduce clutter, i have found the world of repurposing items in my home. I recycle and donate but also re-purposing works.

I’m a gardener and love plants and flowers inside and outside of my home. If you are too, then use glass bottles, jars, cups as vases for flowers and plants. You can decorate them and make them fancy but can also leave them clear.

try it!

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Sort Out Sunday: Do One (or Two) of These Things Today!


  1. Organize your shower caddy and leave in there ONLY things you ACTUALLY use.

  2. Go thru all your medicines and throw out the ones that EXPIRED.

  3. Look at your shoes and ask yourself, are they being stored the best way they can?

  4. Pick a shelf on your bookcase and get rid of every book that you will never read (or read again).

  5. Go in the kitchen and get rid of all broken/cracked/chipped plates.

  6. Clean out your car.

  7. Clean out the trunk of your car and organize it.

  8. Go buy a clear, plastic jewelry organizer.

  9. Put loose jewelry in organizer.

  10. Recycle old magazines

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Sort Out Sunday: Spring Cleaning Has Arrived!

Spring has officially begun! Today, March 20th is the official day! So you know what that means folks….Spring Cleaning Time!!

I will share with you some tips and suggestions to help you Spring clean your home, office or garage.
Lets do this together!

But before we begin the season, I ask all of you to get in the mindset of new beginnings. I invite all of you to be open to change and growth. I am asking myself to do the same things!!Lets make it a great Spring Cleaning Season!!!


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Sort Out Sunday: Letting Go Part 592

Everything that comes into your possession doesn’t mean it must stay there FOREVER.

Every person that comes into your life may be only there for a “season”.

Every job isn’t meant to last forever.

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