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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 2

It is #GOMonth ! Time to GET ORGANIZED!! 

Here is the second challenge:

I want you to go thru wherever you keep you underwear  (bra and panties for women) and socks. I want you to pick one pair of each to throw away! 

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We are talking ripped, holey, stained, too small, too big, stretched out, missing one piece. GET rid of it!

Sidenote- if you find socks or underwear that are still in their packaging, wear them first. Wear them next!

We really neglect socks and underwear and they can take up a lot of space. Lets clear that space up a bit!



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Super Organizer Sunday- Go TO Your Drawers Right Now!


Today I am giving you an organizational tip! It is a decluttering/edit tip!

Go to you dresser drawers or any drawers that have socks in them.

Pair/Match up any and all socks.

Any socks that DON’T have a mate, get rid of!!!

What to do with mate-less socks:

  • if they are in fair to good condition, then they can be repurposed for dusting or polishing.
  • if they have holes or are really old, throw out!

I will add if you have laundry not done yet,keep the socks with no mate out and when you do your laundry and see there are still pair-less socks then follow the steps above.

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Super Tip Tuesday- What To Do With Mismatched Socks!


No matter how careful I am, I still lose a sock here and there. I’ll hold on it for a little while (at least till laundry is done and the hamper is empty) and then see if it shows up. Sometimes its does and sometimes it doesn’t and I used to hold on to them forever. I would have a drawer full of mismatched socks! Just taking up space! Does that happen to you?  Well no more. Unless you are going to wear two different socks to work, I say throw them out!!!! You can always buy new socks.


Its things like this that add up and make clutter happen. Soon you don’t have space for the stuff that really matters. So today THROW OUT SOCKS THAT DON’T HAVE A MATE!

Extra tip- If you want to keep your socks matched, then get a mesh garment bag and throw all the socks in there. Also you can tie the socks together at the top.

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