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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 6

It is the last day of #GOMonth and it has been fun coming up with these challenges. This is the final one for the month. I hope you found them useful. They may have been small, but small changes to lead to larger ones! AS I say, small steps lead to large rewards! 

Here is challenge number 6:

Its kind of a two-parter! Start with your shoes. I don’t care what kind, pick two pairs that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear one today and the other tomorrow.

It used to be women were shoe-aholics, but now men are just a bad. Hehe. I love shoes!!! We have a tendency to pick the same couple of pairs and wear them all time. Rotating your shoes, saves money. The shoes don’t wear out as fast. You KNOW what you have. YOU DID buy them for a reason, to wear them! 

With this challenge, it does include what you wear. So whatever two shoes you pick, hopefully that will get you to wear two outfits that matches the shoes that you haven’t worn in a while too! NOW your wardrobe is being  rotated.

If you pick shoes and they don’t fit, get rid of them. If they are ripped, torn, dirty beyond repair, get rid of them! If the shoe doesn’t fit , don’t wear it! Shoes can take up a LOTT of space!! Especially if you are someone like me who wears a size 14~




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Sort Out Sunday: Wear Your Shoes!!

I LOVE SHOES!!! I love shoes! All kinds! So I had to make an effort to wear them. That sounds funny when I say that, right? I have to make an effort to WEAR the shoes?

I was buying more shoes than I was actually wearing them. I had so many pairs of shoes that i was running out of room! THATS when I knew that I had a problem. So I STOPPED buying shoes and may an effort to rotate and wear them. I made sure that all my shoes were VISIBLE. Any shoes I couldnt see I knew would get left out. And then I made the commitment to wear the different pairs of shoes.

Two things happened:

1- I REDISCOVERED all these cool shoes I had! haha

2- There were some shoes I bought that I could barely or not wear with anything I had in my wardrobe. So I gave those away, which cleared up space in my closet!

Try it starting today!!!

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Sort Out Sunday: Get Rid of ONE pair of Shoes You NEVER Wear!


I see it so much when I am working with a client! Shoes! Shoes and lots of shoes! Men ,Women, Young, Old, Black , white, doesn’t matter! I see shoes all the time. And chances are there are shoes that are NEVER worn. SO this is my challenge to you. Either start wearing the shoes or get rid of them…IMMEDIATELY!!!

You can donate them, give them to a friend, it’s up to you! Get rid of at least ONE pair. If you feel you can get rid of more than one, then by all means, do it!! DO IT DO IT!!!

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S is for Shoe Organizing Ideas

Here are a few ways to organize and house your shoes that I saw and liked!

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Most Worn Shoes To The Front


Separate shoes into 2 categories: Shoes worn on a regular basis and shoes worn occasionally. Shoes worn on a regular basis are those you wear all the time. Shoes for work, shoes for play, gym shoes, the shoes you would would grab to go to the store in. Occasionally worn shoes would be those extreme high heels you put on when you go to the club a couple of Saturday nights a month. It could also include seasonal shoes. You have those boots you like that you don’t want to put away because every once in a while the weather calls for them.

I suggest keep all regularly worn shoes very visible and accessible to you. If you have shoe racks, have them up front. If you have shelving, then put occasionally worn shoes up high or in the back.

I read somewhere that the average adult female has 40 pairs of shoes and the average adult male has 10 pairs. In my work, I don’t think that’s so accurrate. I’ve seen men with 10 pairs of sneakers alone! And we won’t get into MY shoe fetish or amount of shoes I have in MY closet….

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