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Sort Out Sunday: Wear Your Shoes!!

I LOVE SHOES!!! I love shoes! All kinds! So I had to make an effort to wear them. That sounds funny when I say that, right? I have to make an effort to WEAR the shoes?

I was buying more shoes than I was actually wearing them. I had so many pairs of shoes that i was running out of room! THATS when I knew that I had a problem. So I STOPPED buying shoes and may an effort to rotate and wear them. I made sure that all my shoes were VISIBLE. Any shoes I couldnt see I knew would get left out. And then I made the commitment to wear the different pairs of shoes.

Two things happened:

1- I REDISCOVERED all these cool shoes I had! haha

2- There were some shoes I bought that I could barely or not wear with anything I had in my wardrobe. So I gave those away, which cleared up space in my closet!

Try it starting today!!!

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S is for Shoe Organizing Ideas

Here are a few ways to organize and house your shoes that I saw and liked!

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