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YOU! Yes YOU! Are You Not Getting Things Done?!

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Here is something I do all the time, especially when I have a lott of things to get done:

The night before or first thing in the morning:

Get a piece of paper, get a calendar, get a white board, get something you can WRITE on! 

Make a list of all the tings you need to get done that day.

Group anything that is similar (ex. making reservations for travel: car, plane , hotel)

Next to each thing, give yourself an hour. Block out an hour of time. Write down the time (ex noon-1pm)

Make sure you schedule lunch and dinner breaks and if you have to, schedule 15 min breaks every couple of hours.

Then either get an old fashioned timer, or the timer function on your watch or phone and start.

Only Focus on that task during that hour. 

If the time goes off and you aren’t done, access where you are in the process and if you need more time, then add time and push everything back according to the added time. (ex- you need one more half hour, just adjust the times accordingly.)

if you finish early, then you can start the next project (and adjust the times) or take a break.

See how this system works for you! Are you completing tasks? Does your speed or pacing change knowing you have an hour?

I love it! Now I can approximate how long each task will take and schedule more accurately!

Try it !!!



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Sort Out Sunday: Don’t Do Laundry All In One Day

I know most of us have busy schedules and finding time to do laundry can be a challenge. That may not be the best idea. AND one result of doing all the laundry at once is the creation of a huge pile or piles of clothes during the process. And I have seen in cases the piles of clothes stay in the pile because it looks overwhelming. We don’t want to add to the clutter and mess. I am advocating the small steps method.

Try to schedule 2 or 3 days a week to do laundry. Seperate by types and do just those!

  • Saturday morning- Towels and sheets
  • Sunday afternoon- Kids clothes
  • Wednesday monring- Your clothes

Or you can separate tyes any way you like: whites on day, dark colors another day, etc. Small piles are more manageable and it takes the pressure off of you to get it all done which can cause you to NOT do it! Remember small steps can lead to large rewards.

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