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Do You Already Have Gifts In Your Home???

Years ago I wrote a blog post on regifting and it caused a stir. People were divided. Some thought it was bad and others agreed with me and the benefits of passing items along to others. Many of the objections came from an emotional place.Some people felt it was disrespectful to regift something someone gave you. They bought it for you and you don’t care about them if you give it to someone else.
My view then and still today is from a Professional Organizer perspective. I go into so many homes, garages, offices and inevitably there will be gifts sitting there, unused, collecting dust and taking up space. I feel that’s not good. Why not let that item get used in the world by someone who will use it. And that’s the key to regifting or passing someone along to someone else, you have to really know if it is some useful to them. Don’t just pass things on to get rid of them.
It is not an indictment on the gift giver. Sometimes people will buy you things they think you might like or need. Or you get multiples of the same thing. And sometimes it is simply something you would never wear or like. It just happens. And you have to break the habit of feeling bad and just keeping it just in case they ask about it. Rarely that happens.
I have a person in my life with a shopping addiction, so there are times she will get me things I don’t want or need. That can be hard. So I take them and most of the time i get rid of them. She may ask once in the beginning about it and I politely just say it’s great . Lol Then she never asks again.
It’s your space and you are a grown up, you should have whatever you want in your home without having to explain or defend yourself. And all these items should go to people who can really use them.
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Super Tip Thursday: Coupons




My mother used coupons growing up. We were poor and they came in handy and we had food on the table every day. She used to have this navy blue pouch with dividers in it. She would get the paper on Sunday (because it was a bigger addition that includes page after page of coupons)and go through it and clip coupons. Over the years I have dabbled in clipping coupons but recently I have fully gone back into coupon collecting. I have found some great deals in couponing. Shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing and stores like CVS who does a great job in giving you coupons all the time (esp. if you spend money there). Times are tough and I’d rather have the money to spend on things I want.

There are many products out there in the coupon collecting and storing world. The one I use is by I got mine at Big Lots for $2.50. Its small but big enough. Its stylish. It can grip onto the handle of a shopping cart. So you can shop hands free. It comes with dividers and labels. I like it!


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