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3 Tips To A Good Pitch or Sale


Know Your Audience: Really know the company, person or group you are talking to. You do not want to waste an anyones time. You want to let them know that you did your homework and are familiar on some level with them.  And you want to make sure that what you are selling is a good fit for them. Will it benefit them to hire you are use your product?You want them to appreciate the idea even though it may not be for them. They may ask if you have any other ideas or products.

It’s Okay If They Say NO: Pitch/Sell with passion and conviction — but not to your detriment. If they say no, don’t keep going. You have to read the room. Remember these could turn into long-term relationships. I have had experiences where a company didn’t use me in the present time but they remembered me and 3 months later when they had the budget and needed the help, they called me and offered me a project.

STOP While You’re Ahead: If the potential client says he’s interested, immediately turn the pitch into a dialogue and leave the room as soon as you can! It’s possible to talk yourself out of a sale.

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