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Music Monday: Music Is A Key In Organizing


When a song comes on the radio, are you instantly transported back to the time or event that this song reminds you of? Is there an artist or album that you put on when you’re sad? When you’re happy? Does music affect your mood? For me it’s YES to all of the above!

I feel music can be an important part of our lives especially for our mental health. Regularly in this blog I will feature songs and/or albums that I like to clean/organize to and think you might enjoy. For me and some of my clients, it helps to motivate us to complete the task (or tasks) at hand. Musical taste is as individual as organizing styles and it’s up to each person to figure out what works for them.

For me, I don’t like music that is too distracting. I can’t put on Anthrax or Metallica (though I like both.) on because it’s too much for me and I can’t think clearly. You want to do a good job organizing and make sure its looks and works for you.  But I may have some readers out there where those kinds bands work for them. I also can’t put on music that is too soothing like an Acoustic Alchemy or Kitaro. I’ll lose the motivation and want to lie down in the garden, in the sun, listening to a running stream.  Now I can do something mid tempo like a Sade or Spinners or Robin Thicke. It helps to play someone you like and know all the songs. Mid tempo means there might be a few slow songs but most of the songs have some beat and keeps it moving.  I like Disco, pop, some Country, rock, 60s, 70, 80s, and some dance.

Sometimes it’s nice to have something extra to help with the organizing process. I know that just saying the work ORGANIZE or the word CLEANING can make one tired and unmoved to do anything. I’m all about finding ways to make the process fun and enjoyable.  Any assistance to get to the finished product is welcome and when you ARE done, you’ll feel SO good!!

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My Top Ten Songs of 2013 According To My iPod



I love my iPod! Its only 8 GB’s but I love it! Its perfect for the gym or to cancel out the noise on the Metro and it holds enough songs to keep me entertained.  Sometimes the kids get a hold of it and play some of the songs too. SO this is my Top Ten Songs of 2013 According to my iPod! Every year in January, I look at my iPod and see what songs I played the most the previous 12 months. Then within that list I go down in order and find the ones that were released in THAT year. That’s how i compile the list. It’s always a surprise( and sometimes embarrassment) to me which songs are at the top! I listen to a WIDE range of music! I need to make sure that I clarify this is NOT what I think are the top 10 songs of the year or the top 10 best songs of 2013. Simply its the top ten songs released in 2013 played the most on my iPod in 2013. Let the judgement and amusement begin…..

10- The Walker- Fitz and the Tantrums

9- Everybody Wants To Rule The World(From the Hunger Games:Catching Fire)- Lorde

8- Black Skinhead- Kanye West

7- Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton

6- Applause- Lady Gaga

5- Give It 2 U- Robin Thicke featuring Kendrick Lemar

4- Work B****h- Britney Spears

3- Ooh La La (From the Smurfs 2)- Britney Spears

2- That Power- Will I Am featuring Justin Bieber

1- It’s Not Over( Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit)- Chaka Khan featuring LeCrae


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