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Sort Out Sunday: Bringing ONLY Things You WILL Use In Your Home

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I’ve written blog posts about repurposing and I’ve blog posts on getting rid of things as you bring things into you home. I’ve also talked about rotating your clothes. Now I am writing about something that I am practicing myself. Only bringing items into the home that will be used.ACTUALLY USED!  And I don’t mean in a year! And I don’t mean MIGHT be used. I’m talking about going to the store and only buying clothes, accessories, food items, appliances, etc that will have a spot to be and will be used.

I got the idea from a minimalist friend of mine. I didn’t want to go that extreme, but the thought is similar. The benefits are less clutter forming, money-saving, knowing what you actually have in your home, and  things get used. I am on a new crusade to use the items that are in my home. Get my money’s worth! AND as a Professional Organizer, I want to eliminate clutter! This accomplishes both! Think about this!

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Sort Out Sunday: Re-Purposing to Build Your Urban Garden

In my quest to reduce clutter, i have found the world of repurposing items in my home. I recycle and donate but also re-purposing works.

I’m a gardener and love plants and flowers inside and outside of my home. If you are too, then use glass bottles, jars, cups as vases for flowers and plants. You can decorate them and make them fancy but can also leave them clear.

try it!

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Sort Out Sunday: Re-purposing Candles in Glass Jars


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When your Glade candle runs out to the bottom. Soak it in hot soap and water, then clean it out and you can reuse as a votive candle holder.

I have a package of votives and the candle using can continue. SO  don’t throw out the used glass jar, reuse it!!

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Plus there are other uses. It can be a place to hold the house/car keys. Or for office supplies like clips.Plant a small flower in it! And I am sure you can think of other uses along those lines.

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Diversity In Your Kitchen Cabinets: Multiple Uses of Everyday Products


THIS was passed onto me by a colleague. She knows that I’m ALL about repurposing items. It saves on buying more stuff to clutter your home or office AND it’s cool to do (in my opinion). I like Diversity in all areas of my life. SO I am sharing this with you all. Hopefully you find it eye-opening and useful as I do!!

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Super Tip Saturday- Turn Old Tennis Rackets into Mirrors


source boredpanda

I love this idea and wanted to share with everybody!!!

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Quick Tip Saturday: On A Budget…Repurpose!


Don’t have the money to go out and spend on organizing supplies. Here are a few suggestions that could work:

Empty shoeboxes. Those could be used to store things. Depending on the size ( I wear a size 14!), you can store papers and larger items.

Pizza Boxes. Those could be used to store papers, photos, art work (again depending on size.). Of course make sure you get all the crumbs out first.

Baskets/Crates. Can be used to store shoes, sweaters, pants, records. It all depends on how you place and/or stack them.

Ice Cube Trays. Can be used to hold jewelry.  Small office supplies such as paper clips, push pins, rubber bands can be placed in them.

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