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3 Great Organizational Tips For Beauty Supplies!

People send me things related to organization all the time! Clients sometimes TEACH ME an organization tip. I read up on everything organization. I’m always open to learning everything I can. I want to be able to present my clients with the best options that would work for them. Here are 3 great tips I’ve learned about in relation to organizing and/or storing beauty products:

Use a cake stand.



Sunglass/glasses case.




A Spice Rack!!




I’m also a big fan of repurposing items! Finding a second use for something that is possibly just sitting around and collecting dust makes me happy! AND we are helping the environmnt.

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Diversity In Your Kitchen Cabinets: Multiple Uses of Everyday Products


THIS was passed onto me by a colleague. She knows that I’m ALL about repurposing items. It saves on buying more stuff to clutter your home or office AND it’s cool to do (in my opinion). I like Diversity in all areas of my life. SO I am sharing this with you all. Hopefully you find it eye-opening and useful as I do!!

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Quick Tip Saturday: On A Budget…Repurpose!


Don’t have the money to go out and spend on organizing supplies. Here are a few suggestions that could work:

Empty shoeboxes. Those could be used to store things. Depending on the size ( I wear a size 14!), you can store papers and larger items.

Pizza Boxes. Those could be used to store papers, photos, art work (again depending on size.). Of course make sure you get all the crumbs out first.

Baskets/Crates. Can be used to store shoes, sweaters, pants, records. It all depends on how you place and/or stack them.

Ice Cube Trays. Can be used to hold jewelry.  Small office supplies such as paper clips, push pins, rubber bands can be placed in them.

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