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Super Tip Friday- When Choosing A Recycling Bin For the Office…

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Something I never thought about until a year ago when someone I knew who works for the Dept of Recycling shared this tip with me.

When choosing a recycling bin for inside your home or office, most people choose a round bin or a bin that is narrow in width.I was told (and I have seen the difference)to get a bin that papers can lay flat in!! (Most papers are 8 X 11)

What does that do?


  • You can put more paper in the bin AND lets trip of emptying. If you crumple paper and throw it in, the paper takes up space, fills up faster and you have to empty more frequently. 

Image result for square recycle bins

Something to think about.

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Super Tip Thursday- Trash Cans Are Important


Something that I suggest to clients is to have small to medium size trash cans/bins in every major room. Really you ask.  YES!

We make a lot of trash. We sometimes don’t throw anything away because there isn’t a can nearby, so it stays on the table or desk or counter top.


Some of the bins can be designated for recycling too. Those magazines you are done reading, the newspaper (my parents still have one delivered everyday), the opened junk mail, having a place within reach can keep the counter tops, couches, trays, and tables cleared off and not a catch all.

Its all about making things easy, which will increase motivation and create routine.


trashcans by Bed Bath and Beyond  and The Container Store.

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Super Tip Tuesday- Recycling Tip I Learned Recently

I recycle. I’m a big advocate of recycling. I mention recycling as an option to my clients. But I learned something new recently. I knew that all things that can be recycled in the bins have a number on them. Usually the number is on the bottom of the product. I DIDN’T know what each number meant exactly. I knew that when I took them to the recycling station, I had to separate them for different pricing. So I did some research and I will share with you something I found that explains in detail.


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Before You Throw Out Those Empty Altoids Tins….


I am an Altoids user. I buy in bulk and they are my goto breath freshener. I LOVE the tins and hate to throw them out! Also I am a repurpose person (also it saves money). The above picture shows that you can take empty Altoid tins and label them and use them to hold supplies. And they stack and store easily.  This is a great tip for junk drawer organization. School supplies in a backpack. I used them in my office desk drawer.

pic from

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Super Tip Thursday: Clean Out Refrigerator The Night Before Trash Day


It doesn’t take that long and its handled immediately. I go through my refrigerator the night before trash day (since that’s when I’m collecting the rest of the trash and recyclables in the house) and throw out any spoiled food or liquids. It makes room in the fridge for new items and keeps the space smelling fresh. And its saves in steps. You do it all at the same time at once as opposed to cleaning out the refrigerator one day and filling the bins up and then taking out the heavy bins to the curb.

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