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It’s Summertime So Our Big Brother Aftershow is Back!

I LOVE doing this show so much! and we are on at a new day and time Fridays at 1pmPST/4pmEST!! Thank you to everyone who watched LIVE! See you all summer!!!


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Bye Felicia to VH1’s Bye Felicia!


I am a Certified Life Coach. My brother told me about a new show featuring Life Coaches. I don’t think he saw it yet. He thought of me. I was excited and set my DVR to record the first episode. The show is by VH1 and is called Bye Felicia. (Bye Felicia is a popular phrase used for not caring about something or someone. It was first introduced years ago in the movie Friday.) Its an 8 episode series this winter.


I love being a Life Coach. I love watching other life coaches at work. We range in technique and style and personality. Life Coaches can really  facilitate the opening of change. We assist people or businesses in finding the path of success. It can be an amazing experience for both client and coach. You work together to create a new beginning. I was excited of the prospect of watching a show that would showcase that.

The first episode is recorded. I sit down and watch the hour-long show. Just from the first 3 minutes, I was already done. It follows two Atlanta Black Female Life Coaches who are in Los Angeles. The stereotypical, over the top Sassy Black women with a bunch of catchphrases turned ME off. It just seems like its VERY “reality” TV  and it fits right in with many of the “makeover” shows out there. I didn’t find it useful or helpful. And the problem with a lot of these shows is that the Life Coach’s “personality” is the star. It is the opposite of shows like Intervention or Hoarders where the client is the focus and the expert is showcased simply doing their job. Yes they have personalities but they don’t overshadow the show the way these two women do on Bye Felicia.

I watched one more episode to give it chance and it’s not for ME! I won’t be watching anymore! I just want people out there to know there are some amazing Life Coaches out there doing wonderful, life changing work!  Yes, i know writing about this gives the show more attention but I felt the need to say something. I don’t get very many shows featuring Life Coaches. And I will continue looking but until I find one that I like……Bye Felicia!



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Big Brother 16: The Simple Answer To Who Should Win


I started an online conversation last week on who we think should win this season of Big Brother. People chimed in on who they think should win. Others voiced who they’d like to see get the money. Derrick and Donny were the top two names that came up over and over in the discussion. In the middle of the thread, someone wrote, “Point is whoever wins should win, that’s how this game works.”  Hmm, I guess that’s true.

At first I thought the person was getting smart with me (this is online after all) but I REALLY started to think about it. Like I talk about in a previous blog What We See VS What They See, WE see all the different sides of the players and the game, The players don’t. they are going by and therefore voting on what they feel, see, or know. Because we have the bigger picture, of course we would have a different opinion to who should win. If the house guest had a glimpse into the DR’s and private conversations and secret alliances, then it would be an entirely different game.

I never really looked at the game this way before. I got caught up in what I SEE and my opinions on who deserves the money based on that. Now with ALL of that said, I still know who I’d like to win the game. But… the end, when someone wins, it’s who SHOULD win. Right? Maybe? Kinda?

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Big Brother 16- Caleb and Amber:Painful To Watch


Many times on Big Brother, people have attractions to each other and end up spending “time” together. Sometimes it is easily seen as a showmance. Both parties involves fully acknowledge and participate in the “romance” on the show. Sometimes its to further their game or to pass the time. When you watch you are “rooting” for them or find them fun together Then after the show ends, they go their separate ways.. In other cases there are crushes that go unrequited. The person with the crush accepts that nothing is going to happen. And life goes on. In a few cases, people meet and fall in love on the show like Former Winner Rachel and her man Brandon, who are blissfully together still and competed on another reality competition show, Amazing Race. And a first on Big Brother, we have a gay/straight showmance with Frankie and Zach (Zankie or Zrankie) that is a hit with many fans (including myself).

Then there is the Amber and Caleb situation. From a purely superficial level, they are two attractive people. Both of them are in great shape and young. Caleb is the metro sexual cowboy with a heart of gold. You’d think that they would be attracted to each other. Well WRONG! Amber says that she is not interested and from the stuff I’ve seen on TV, she doesn’t give the impression that she is into him. Caleb just comes across sad and a little creepy how much he gushes over her and tries to get her to like him. That “first date” was so painful to watch. Amber has way more chemistry with Cody.

I don’t like or dislike Amber. Caleb is someone I wanted to like but he is annoying most of the time. Amber has proven to me that she is a strong competitor and they need to vote her out as soon as they can. i think she is a threat in the competitions much like my fav girl from past season Janelle. AND that would break down Caleb in the game. Then they need to get him out! If Amber goes, that may add more strength to HIM and that can’t be good. This week will be interesting.


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Big Brother 16- Finally The Right Person Went Home!


The stage was set! Two people were up for eviction but they weren’t really the target to get out. One of the nominees gets taken off the block. The replacement nominee is the person they really want to evict out of the house. (They call this back dooring.) Meanwhile the other person on the block is a huge threat too. It seems the house guests may change their minds. I’ve watched 15 previous seasons of this show and have seen ALL kinds of things happen! Usually I am screaming at the TV over their choices, But this time I was happy because THE RIGHT PERSON WENT HOME…..DEVIN!!

You have this tall, muscular, tatted, handsome brown man who is a single dad (It’s already a “thing” that he has mentioned his daughter a grillion times!) and is super sensitive (Actually I think this is the most sensitive cast of men ever!). You would think that would make him a star in the house and get him far in the game. But said man, Devin, played too hard too fast and too early! He had the worst social game of any house guest in ALL the seasons of Big Brother! He really botched it up! he didn’t use his charm. He dismissed some of the ladies. He let his emotions go all over the place and get the best of him. He made moves that were just plain dumb. I’m always wondering do people watch the show before they come on??!!

The episode made me happy and was glad to see an actual strategic move made in the house…that worked!

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Why I Love Bethenny Frankel


I Love Bethenny Frankel! Do I know her personally? No. I like her brand and I love the kind of thinking she promotes for a healthier lifestyle. Her way really matches up with my way of being as The Super Organizer.

Of course I first saw her on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice. I liked her brash yet relatable way of being. She came across as a hard worker (to me). Then I watched her on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City. At first I scoffed at her being on because she wasn’t a HOUSEWIFE! But she quickly won me over again by her quick wit, positive attitude, hard work and how she put it all out there. She seems REAL and in reality TV that is rarely the case. I love the fact that she didn’t go into reality TV to become a reality TV star! She used it to promote herself as a strong lifestyle brand and business woman. And after her two own spinoffs: Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, she actually LEFT reality TV!!! You don’t see her making all the reality show rounds.

I have read Bethenny’s books. Yes I am male, a proud male! But I found her message (and tips) refreshing and useful AND unisex in nature. I can relate to her one size DOES not fit all attitude. And not to “kill” yourself over dieting and to really try to block out the “noise” that buzzes in our brains that blocks us from being our best selves. Her tips are understandable. Her suggestions are tailored to the uniqueness of YOU. It’s exactly the way I conduct business. Every client is different and it is MY JOB to be present and ask questions and LISTEN to them. The Super Organizer wants every client’s space to be accessible to them. I even consider height, age, gender, and handedness (there are things unique to left-handed people) when I set up a space or teach someone an organizing technique.

Now I watch her daytime talk show and she continues to promote a healthy lifestyle. As my business grows, I hope to continue to promote the same to everyone.

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