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My 300th Post (Kinda)


I reblogged a great post from a colleague, so that became my 300th post officially. But THIS is my 300th post that I’ve written!  Regardless, it fits into my theme for this post. ‘We are all in this together.” ” Think globally.” I used to hear and see those phrases and saying like those and it was foreign  (ha!) to me. I was so used to being about all the specific space I lived in and maybe the area around me. You can get so caught up in JUST what is in front of you. Then I started to travel across the country and outside the US and began to see a bigger picture that I have been able to apply to my everyday life.

I sit in the privacy of my home office and write these blogs and then set them up for everyone to read. Nine months in, I still really enjoy this. I feel like I am contributing something positive out in the world. There are some great blogs out there that make me smile, teach me something, invite me to rethink an idea, and I strive to join their ranks. Once I finish a blog post and press the publish button, I have no idea how it will be received. I get glimpses of the reception starting with how many hits I get. I am able to see that at any time. Retweets on Twitter, likes and comments on Facebook, Repins on Pinterest, etc. Anything beyond that is mostly intangible.

On occasion I DO get to see or hear how what I write impacts people. I was at a family get together in Northern California (I live in So Cal.) and family members were letting me know how much they enjoy my blog, which blogs they found useful, and if they applied anything they learned from me into practice. I’ve gone to clients homes and see some of the stuff I’ve written in real life. Its gratifying of course. BUT the bigger lesson that I’ve learned is that whatever you put out there DOES affect the world. It may be a small ripple or a large wave. I may never know how much and I’m not writing for the adulation. I am just trying to mirror other people and organizations that are out there trying create a better world. I have seen the power of a smile. I have been the recipient of kind stuff because I said please and thank you. WE are all connected. I truly believe that completely!

It’s easy to think about all the bad that is out there and how THAT affects each of us and the world at large. I like to think about all the good that is happening and the possibilities of how it can spread and the ways it manifests itself. Maybe someone 3,000 miles away finds something I share very useful in their lives.(What a great reach!) Just like when I turn on the TV and watch an interview show and that guest says something that changes my life direction. I like that it takes a village way of living. I am grateful for all the other bloggers out there who choose to sit down and write and share knowledge with others. I love good writing. I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read a blog post of mine.



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