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Super Organizer Thursday: So MANY Amazing Professional Organizers



I’m on the road and I’ve done a few LIVE From.. episodes of my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr   

From doing those I got to talk with Professional Organizers from different parts of the country and who have AMAZING resumes. They also LOVE what they do! ALSO I have gotten a lot of interest from other organizers to come on the show and they have amazing resumes and are going GOD’s work out there affecting change in the world.


All of this has reaffirmed my commitment to this growing and evolving industry!  Professional Organizers with specific skills and niches are growing! Highly specialized! Committed! Ready!  I urge anybody reading this, if you think you could use an organizer, use one! DO it!

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S.O.U.R Returns July 10th!!

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After a week off for July 4th weekend, Super Organizer Universe Radio will be back tomorrow, July 10th at 10 am PST!!! I am so excited to be back and bring you two great guests speaking on two great topics, Moving management and Business management! Returning Professional Organizer Elizabeth Greer Taylor and Wisconsin Based Business Optimizer Jenny Peterson.

Join us for what will be a lively and informative conversation!

You can listen to ALL of my previous shows on my YouTube Channel The Super Organizer James Lott Jr


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On Friday, June 5th, a dream of mine will come true! From 10am to 11am PST, I will debut my radio show! It is called Super Organizer Universe Radio! You’ll be able to find it on it on Adrenaline I have always wanted to be on the radio and now have the chance. I am truly grateful!   It is my plan to bring my unique perspective on organizing to the masses. It is also my desire to help elevate my profession and represent it well!  So join me every Friday and possibly learn something! (the show will also be podcasted.)

Also look to this blog and my facebook page for more info and extras.

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The “BIG” Conference! Going to the 2015 NAPO Conference!!




I am so excited! This week I am going to my first National Association of Professional Organizers conference. It’s a well respected, and leading organization in my field. I joined 5 years after I started my business. This is the first time that I am available. AND its 20 minutes away from me. Its been held downtown LA at the Westin Bonaventure. I am glad that I will be around like minded people. I am already imagining the natural high I will be getting! Ahhhh. YES!

I will be taking some interesting classes and workshops. I will be able to see products. I just love my field and job, so this should be a great! It is my hope that this conference will have a positive effect on my business which in turn will happily affect all of you  and my clients.


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