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ONE Way to Gain Minutes in Your Morning

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OKAY!!! I practice what I preach!! I am going to give you all a tip about morning time!

I dont like to run around like a chicken without a head. I hate having to look for something when i am rushed. I like to sleep and get as much as i can. I like to wake up slowly and take my time in the morning. Some mornings can’t be helped, but even then you can still prepare as much as you can!

ONE WAY to gain minutes in your morning is…………. get ready the night before!!!

I do this! I live it! I love it! So having systems in place really helps you!

  1. You have a place whrere your keys, wallet and whatever you put in my pocket everyday. A cup, bowl, dish. SO its always there and in that spot.
  2. Pick your clothes out! Look at the weather channel and plan accordingly. I mean even down to the underwear and socks. I grab a strong hanger and put the whole outfit on there. and you can hang it in the front of your closet! SO its not in the way and yet you can see it and get to it easily.
  3. Make the lunches the night before.
  4. Some people shower the night before. (I need the shower to wake me up in the morning.)

These things REALLY do help. If you are REALLY brave, Sunday nights, you can pick and plan your whole wardrobe and have it ready. And same with meal prep for lunches.

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