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Holiday Traditions Checklist

I saw this checklist online for Holiday Parties and I wanted to share with you all! I also think this list can be used for ANY party planning,  It is simple. It is to the point. It is helpful.

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Donna Martin Grew Up To Be A Party Planner


I have enjoyed Tori Spelling’s books. They are funny and entertaining and insightful. This book I’m about to talk about is a departure from her other books, it’s a Party Planning Guide book. Its called celebraTORI.  Tori expertly shows how creativity, passion, and smart planning are the ingredients for throwing a truly unforgettable bash on a real-world budget. She shares her favorite tips, tricks, and anecdotes from her most successful soirees (and a few not so successful). celebraTORI covers all the basics, from discovering new reasons to celebrate and choosing a concept to decorating, creating flower arrangements, making refreshments, and building the cornerstone of any great party: the dessert table! (I’ve witnessed some amazing dessert tables! They ARE essential to a good party!) I find this book very useful and a great companion to other party and event planning books I have in my library.


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Super Tip Thursday: Pinterest Is Cool



Its that time of season for Proms, Graduation Parties, Baby Showers, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelor and Bachlorette Nights, Divorce Parties (yes people have them), pool parties, etc. Sometimes you want ideas. Sometimes you are stumped and need help. You may want to serve interesting drinks to liven up the party. Pinterest is the place to go for all of that!

Like many folks, I joined Pinterest and set up my account with my different boards (categories) and pinned (posted) pictures in them. Then I went away. Recent I have rediscovered the app/site! There are a lot of REALLY good ideas on there!! I am using some of them for my niece’s baby shower and MY upcoming birthday (May). Drinks, food receipes, decor, I’m finding all kinds of good suggestions that are unique and will work for me.  I suggest that you all give it a shot and explore. You can start with my account!


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Um There’s No What??




So you are visiting a friend or at a dinner party at your bosses house and you have to go to the bathroom. You ask where it is and the host directs you to the designated room. You go in, read the magazine that is in there and do your “business” then look over and the toilet paper roll has ONE SHEET LEFT!!!! So you scan the room to see if there is another roll nearby. You look up. You look down. You look inside whatever cabinet is within reach and then you there’s no what????

The MOST important item in a guest bathroom (or ANY bathroom) is TOILET PAPER! While family members may say something when the roll runs out, guests (especially someone who doesn’t know you well) usually won’t, so to spare everybody the embarrassment by having extra toilet paper handy nearby. You can leave a toilet roll in plain sight on top of the toilet tank. Also there are all kinds of stylist and useful containers designed to hold 3 or 4 rolls inside that you can put next to the toilet for easy reach. An example is below:



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