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Now It’s May, Try This!


SO now its May! Welcome! I am always excited at the beginning of a new month! It feels like rebirth and I can reset. As we are commited to editing our lives for the better, I have a suggestion of something I would like you to try!

I love lists! I love writing things down! So follow this:

Get an actual pen and peper. (writing it down feels real to me than typing it in my phone or tablet.)

Write down 10 things you would like to accomplish this monrth. (There are 5 weeks in MAY. You can think of it as 2 things per week if you like)

Doesn”t matter if they are small things or big items. Doesn’t matter if you think you can finish them or not. We aren’t censuring ourselves.

Find a spot to either hang/clip/tape the paper.(I  suggest a spot you ALWAYS see EVERY day. Also eye level)

You have till May 31st to accomplish these things. Don’t pressure yourself to stress, just motivate yourself to DO them. Check off  or cross off each thing when done

Doesnt matter the order or where in the list you start.

Then do them!!! 

We will reconvene at the end of the month! I believe in you! Small steps lead to large rewards! 


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Super Share Monday- 4 Tips To Better Organization!

Happy Monday everybody!!! I am excited to be here! I am happy to be alive and ready to tackle another day on Earth! I am gratitude that you are alive too and reading this blog post!!

I am going to share a few organizing things with you today. Give you something to think about and maybe try if you aren’t doing these things already.

  • GO OUT AND BUY labels. They are good for identifying where things are at a quick glance. There are all kinds of labels out there for different surfaces. They have easy peel on and off ones too. Label your drawers. Label your boxes in the garage. .Label the inside of your cabinets listing where things belong. Get a sharpie or thicker marker to write on the labels.

  • PUT A LAUNDRY BAG/BASKET in your bathroom. If you have room. Or in the room outside or next to your bathroom.  Or in your bedroom. The goal is to put it somewhere you are most likely to put your dirty clothes and towels. I say keep them near the area you shower/bathe/take off clothes after work/school/gym  Make it easy on yourself.

  • SCHEDULE SOME TIME to go in your closet and try on clothes. See what still fits or looks good or is in good shape and whats NOT. Get rid of whats not! If you are sensitive about your size, I say do it alone. For me I’ve done it with GOOD friends and they helped decide what to keep.

  • PLACE A HOOK on the backs of some of your doors. Say the bathroom door, a closet door, the bedroom door. A place for a jacket or a robe or your clothes for the next day. Don’t put too many hooks you don’t want to clutter your eyesight. I say just one good one!

Some of these may not apply to you, that’s okay, I will be super sharing more random organizing tips! Otherwise try these and see if they work for you! Have a great week!


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Holiday Season Is Upon US!

I was in Big Lots the other day and I saw that the Christmas Section was already up and out!!!!! We have barely gotten thru Labor Day and Halloween is still weeks away!! WTH!! It is too much for ME to take!

With that said, I love this time of year. We have THREE great holidays coming up; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas of course.  I have a great Halloween themed Radio show coming up on Friday Oct 30th with Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer! She’s great and we talk tips!! Because this time of year we buy a LOTT of stuff and can’t store it anywhere. So I invite you to listen to our show on on Friday Oct 30th from 10am PST/1pmEST. That’s Super Organizer Universe Radio!!!


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Put A Trashcan in Every Room..and Other Tips!


Hello Readers!! I hope this blog finds you all ready to organize and be organized! 

Here is some tips I believe are helpful to keep things running smoothly on your home:

  • Assign specific living quarters to everything you own.
  • Put things where they work for you: vitamins by the juice glasses, coat hooks in the garage near the car.
  • A small, open basket on the coffee table or side table  keeps remote controls from slipping between sofa cushions.
  • Put a trashcan in every room.
  • Whenever you run across anything empty, ripped, the wrong size or never used, immediately toss it in the trash or make a charity box.
  • Keep real cleaning cloth/rags next to your cleaning products.
  • Have a two-compartment hamper in the kids’ rooms. So they can separate the dirty clothes and learn at the time.
  • Gather all kids balls into a large, mesh drawstring bag.
  • Tape an envelope for  takeout/fast food coupons inside the cabinet door nearest the phone.
  • Put a clock in every bathroom.
  • Stock your nightstand drawer with pencils, notepads, a phone book and a flashlight.
  • Allow only one outfit—tomorrow’s—on the hook outside your closet door.
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Super Tip Thursday- When You Live With Others



Whether it’s your husband or sister or kids or housemate, establish this one household rule: If you make a mess, then you clean it up! If you can get everyone to agree to that, then that’s the first step.  The second step is sticking to it! Don’t get mad and clean it up for them then yell at them for it. It sets a pattern that will be learned. “It doesn’t matter if I make a mess, she’ll clean it up anyway. Yeah, she’ll be mad for a minute but…” Then you end up doing all the work. Make everyone responsible for their own stuff.  Thirdly, everyone has to agree to clean up their mess NOW not LATER.  Remember it’s ALL in the delivery. Ask and remind them that they agreed to this rule and hold them to it.  No one had to be nasty or yell, simply stick to the facts of the rule..If you make a mess, then you clean it up!


See my related blogs: Super Tip Thursday-Getting The Kids Involved, Super Tip Thursday: Getting Help Within the Household

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Super Tip Thursday: My Freezer Smells, Time To Clean It Out


Sometimes having a routine is good! Sometimes when you designate a time or day to do something, and then consistently do it, it becomes second nature. And things get done.


Change your sheets on your bed every Sunday and Thursday.
Clean out refrigerator every Saturday morning.
Vacuum every other Tuesday.
Back up computer every Friday night.

You get the picture. And this can extend into tasks throughout the year too.


Clean out and organize the previous years files in January.
Clean out storage spaces in home and garage in March.
Put away Winter clothes/Pull out Spring-Summer clothes in May. (the ever changing climate will dictate which month you would set this up.)
Clear out and organize Kids clothes in July.

These kinds of habits are good to have!

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Super Tip Tuesday: Those Sheets Have Stains From I Don’t Know What?!


For some reason Sheets and Towels were two things i’d keep till they disintegrated! I would rarely go out and buy new sheets or towels. A hole or two in a sheet didn’t stop me from still putting it on the bed. My blankets were fine and they were covering the sheets so who cares! I’d wash a towel in bleach by accident and now it was yellow with white patches all over it, no big deal, it was still usable. As I got older I realized thats not good. Two things that touch your body SHOULD be in good condition! Well then I went on a buying spree and had too many sheets and towels and couldn’t fit them in the linen closet.

One day i went through them and found some old ones in there, I came across sheet sets that were missing a pillowcase. I had facecloths that were an entirely different color than any towel set I had. So I suggest to everyone to go through your sheets and towels. They are things we take for granted. If you have the money, treat yourself to a nice pair of high thread count sheets or a nice fluffy towel set.

When you go through your stuff, make two piles. One pile should be trash or rags. The other should be donation. The trash/rags pile is self explanatory. If the towels or sheets are really in bad shape, throw them out. Some towels can be cut into smaller pieces and made into rags for cleaning. The other pile is for sheet sets that are in fair condition or if its missing a component to the entire set or you dont really use them anymore. Local shelters can use those items!!! AND you create space in your closet.

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