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Super Tip Saturday: When Planning For An Office For A Group

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Over the next few weeks I will be sharing tips with you regarding setting up an office! May you find them useful…


When planning for an office set up for a group of people here is a few tips:

Make sure you have an accurate count of many people.

Approximate work times for these people (sometimes workers can share a desk if one the shifts are different times)

Assess the needs of each person in the group. What supplies, space, and equipment they will need. (can it all fit in the space in general)

Any items can be shared?


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Super Tip Monday- You CAN Start Small.

I will continue to say this for the rest of my life. I will remind you all of this. This is for the organized and the un-organized. I am speaking to the ones who haven’t started yet and the ones who just started AND the ones who’ve been doing it. 

It’s okay to start small and do a little at a time!!!

Any movement is still movement! You are creating a pattern and habit which will turn into a lifestyle. The progress WILL come. You WILL see it at some point and that will inspire you to continue. The alternative is doing nothing and NOTHING happens!! 

15 minutes a day. 30 minutes a day. It all adds up when you do that on a CONSISTENT basis. IT can be better than working on organizing for one day every 3 months. You will accomplish so much when you set time each day. 

Section by section, corner by corner, area by area. Room by room. You can do it!

Small steps lead to large rewards!! 

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Sort Out Sunday- Before You Use Your Basement For Storage or As An Office

Many people ask me about basements and are they good spaces to store stuff or make as a home office. I say YES! But here are a few things to consider before you do.

Any space below ground level are more prone to dampness, poor lighting, poor ventilation,and bugs and other creatures. Make sure its a secured space. Check the walls and floors. Is it fully covered. If there is a window down there, can it be securely closed. Also can it be opened for air. Maybe a screen over it will help with anything flying or crawling in. 

If you can put a heating/AC system in there, I say do it! The bottom line is you want great ventilation down there. Your house and your stuff will thank you! 

Make sure its well-lit. You may have to bring lights/lamps down there. Make sure all electrical outlets can handle all the plug-ins. An electrician has a device that can scan and tell you. Sometimes the basement houses the washer and dryer or an additional freezer/fridge, you want to make sure all circuits can handle any additional things you plug-in down there. 

Also check that the steps leading down are secure, with something to hold onto going up and down! 


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Fast Friday Tip: Don’t Be Afraid Of Small Spaces

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Not everyone can live in a 4200 sq ft home. There are cities devoted to space space living (New York City). You can still have an organized space that isn’t super cluttered! Yes you can! It’s all about what you bring into the space and how you use it. There are furniture that are made for houses. They can take up too much space in apartments. Sometimes its a matter of going up for storage. Moving things off the floor. You may just have to be creative. Here are a few tips about your small space:

  1. Get furniture that can double for storage. 

  2. Be careful with shelving. Sometimes it can make a space smaller. 

  3. Look for spaces like about doors and see if a shelf or hanging box can go up there for storage. (if you arent tall, step stools that fold are great!)

  4. Hooks can be your friend (the ones that don’t put holes or stick to you wall)

  5. It really forces you to look at what you have! If you never blend, don’t have a blender.

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Sort Out Sunday: What Are the “What If’s” And How To Kill Them


Many times when I ask a client why they have kept an item or items, the answer starts with “What if”. It doesnt’ matter what the item is, the answer starts out the same: What if I need _______ one day? What if I need ___ just in case? What if I run out of___?

Sometimes it generational. Sometimes its status. Sometimes its anxiety.e

It a fine line between keeping SUPPLIES and hoarding forks and plates. LOL In my opinion you should have supplies/extras of things that WILL be used. SO things like Paper towels and Toilet paper are a yes. Because you continuously use them. Saving things for a what if isnt good. If your underwear drawer can’t close, time to get rid of enough underwear to close the drawer. A package of Christmas themed paper plates are fine because you are going to use them at Christmas!

I heard another organizer say only keep what reflects who you are today! Take the  fear out of it. Fear breeds the saving for what if or just in case.

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What His/Her Mess Could Be Masking.


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He leaves his dirty work clothes in a pile in the living room every day and doesn’t pick it up. She never does the dishes so they are stacked to death in the kitchen sink. You can’t see his nightstand next to the bed but you know its there. She refuses to take all of her makeup off the bathroom counter. Many times all of that is an emotion one is feeling manifesting itself in clutter and mess. Some experts say that the state of a space is a representation of the people insides state of mind. I tend to agree.

I have had clients tell me the reason they don’t clean up is that the others doesn’t either! OR they keep getting on them about the mess, so nothing happens to spite them. Ugh I say nobody wins when that happens.So the simple answer isn’t to just clean it up. You need to clean up the relationship first. Is your relationship lacking? No sex? No affection? Do you constantly pick at each other?

Is it YOU?! Are you feeling inadequate about something? Depression? Sadness? Is it a weight issue? Self esteem? Are you hiding behind the clutter or in it?!

Either way have you just given up?! I invite you to come out of that. You aren’t living your best life. You are doing yourself and your partner a disservice. Before you tackle the dishes in the sink and dirty clothes pile in the living room, start the process of working out your psychological stuff. Try to remind yourself the reason you are in your relationship and get back to a place of kindness and WORK. Go see a therapist, counselor, pastor,,,,

If you are reading this and was wondering why your partner was so messy, this could be a reason why.

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I Dare You To Do This ONE Thing Today!



You are committed to having the best life possible, right?

You want to get and BE organized in your personal space, right??


I am giving YOU a challenge today!


Get rid of five things!

It doesn’t matter to me what those five things are! It doesn’t matter to me WHY you choose those five things! Many times we have to physically remove stuff out of our spaces to get organized! SO choose five things TODAY and get rid of them! Take them out of your space!

Donate, throw out (if its trashed), pass on to someone….get it out of your space!

I dare you!!!

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