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Sort Out Sunday: Choose Your Professional Organizer Carefully

I have a new client who I started working with a few weeks ago. I really like him and his openness to get organized. I am not his first organizer though. He let me know that he had one before me and he was not happy. He said their pacing was different. Her energy didn’t help him stay motivated or focused and he didn’t agree with a few of her techniques. So he fired her and it took him awhile to hire another PO (ME). 

It got me thinking and I feel I need to say this out loud. 

YOU can choose the Professional Organizer that is the right fit for you! 

You don’t have to settle with the first organizer you see and hire. You are handling your personal space and individual items and that is serious. It is no ones fault if you aren’t a match. Like anything else, you have choices and any professional knows that they might not be right for everyone. 

There are many organizers out there. You need to feel comfortable. The more comfortable  you are , the better you feel and the more open you are to the process. So take your time and if you need to try out a few organizers, do it! 

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My First Month!


This post marks the end of the first month of my blog! I never thought I ever wanted to blog. I didn’t think that I had anything to blog about. Sure I have a full and exciting personal life, but do I want that all out there for the world to see? Um No! I’ll save that for the tell all book that will be released upon my deathbed. I know that once you put something out there, its OUT there! I’ll let the kids deal with that after i’m gone. I’m generous that way.

I realized that a blog for my business would be great! I’m so glad I started this blog. I like to write. I always have something to say. I love sharing tips and things ive learned with others. I can be funny (really im hilarious, just ask me and ill tell you).

I hope you find this blog helpful. Maybe there will be things I write that will encourage you. Possibly ill say something that will make you think in a different way. People hear the word organize and immediately feel tired, overwhelmed or simply tune out. I love all aspects of organization and I think it can be fun! I also understand it doesn’t come natural to everyone. I feel there are many rewards to the organization of body, mind, home, and office. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I hope to blog for a long time to come.


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