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Forgiving The Clutter…and Yourself



Some years back, I heard a guest on the Oprah Show say a phrase that changed my life! It is a sentence that I live everyday in every situation that it calls for and the phrase was:

Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.

I invite you to re read that sentence. Read it several times if you like. Stop at that sentence and think about it. I found this statement to be true in MY life. I couldn’t truly move on from people or circumstances because I kept wishing they didn’t happen the way that they did. And what came from that was the forgiveness i was denying myself! Once I honestly looked at myself, I began to understand things and I was able to forgive me. It didn’t matter about the other person or persons I thought did me wrong or the situations I was currently in. I had to start with ME and forgive myself about feeling bad about the past and the present.

Forgiveness is really forgiving yourself first and always.

This can be related to organizing. For some people the clutter and disorganization in their homes and/or lives makes them feel bad or depressed. That depression and/or negative feeling can stop someone from doing something about it. This can lead to inertia. “Why bother” or ” its too much already.’ are thought and said. “How could I let this get so bad?” or ” I’m a bad person for being so unorganized!” All of these thoughts are really by products of not forgiving yourself.

In my opinion, for change to happen you have to forgive yourself of your past. Yes you made the clutter but why beat yourself up over it?! you can’t CHANGE the past and the clutter isn’t going to magically disappear. Yes you made the clutter but NOW you forgive yourself for it and want to make a CHANGE!

Forgiveness can lead to positive change.

How you got to your present state is important only for learning purposes. You want to LEARN from your past so that you don’t repeat it. Organizing you stuff, your time and your mind are very personal things. Just like forgiveness. You deserve the best and I want you to be able to get there and have the best life possible.



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Five Things To Remember When Organizing With Another Person



There are FIVE items that I found are useful to a successful organizing journey with another person. The other person could be a roommate, spouse, partner, office co worker, parent, etc. These five things have to be agreed upon by BOTH parties:

  1. Find a time that works for both of you.
  2. Find a common goal and agree on it.
  3. Take joint ownership when problems/issues arise. (“WE” not “You”)
  4. Listen to each other carefully with an open mind. Each person may have a different approach.
  5. Have some fun!! Jokes and laughs go a long way.
If you are not sure it will work, then see if you can put this to use on a small project. Always remember that you both are human beings and have feelings. And the goal is get done whatever it is to get done and if you are going to collaborate/work together then respect is always key!


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Super Tip Thursday-Do You See What I See


For ME and many of my clients, when I SEE obvious results in cleaning and organizing, I’m motivated to continue the process. SO you have a lot of places and spaces to declutter or clean out, or organize, my tip is to start with the areas that are the MOST VISIBLE. Starting with the most visible cluttered area first and getting that done can really boost your confidence and increase your feeling to get organized. I’m a very visual person. If my room is a mess, I’ll make my bed and that makes me want to continue getting the rest of the room in order.

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Super Tip Tuesday- Pick Up Something Right Now!


Take action right NOW! Where are you reading this? Look around and pick up ONE thing that is NOT in its right place and put it in its right place..If you are reading this outside or at work or on transport, when you get home pick up ONE thing and put it in its right place! Starting small is still starting. Now after doing that, if you feel adventurous, pick up another thing and put it away. And if you are feeling inspired, pick one tip here in my past blog posts and do that!!

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Shopping For Supplies


Getting the right organizing products for your home, office or garage is important. The pricing on supplies can range from high-end to super cheap. My feeling is that sometimes you don’t need to pay high-end prices for good-looking supplies AND some super cheap places carry super cheap crap that doesn’t hold up! I’m going to share with you a few stores that I like and go to for my Organizing needs . The pricing on these ranges from mid level to inexpensive but the materials are good and there is variety of choice!! (You can click on the links for more details.)

Big Lots

The Container Store


World Cost plus Market

Sometimes its good to go INTO a store rather than online and touch and feel the supplies. AND you might find items discounted that you wouldn’t find online. Now occasionally I have found great items at garage and yard sales. I’ve picked up a few good things at the 99 Cents store and at Ross. Recently I found some really nice shoes rack at a local Thirft store. But in general, those top 4 stores i mention above work really well for me and my practice.

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TV Trays Are Not Your Friends


When I first moved back to LA five years ago, I didn’t have a desk. I had a table to put my laptop on and I had enough room to write on. I needed a place to put other papers on and files and such. I had some TV trays and decided to use them. My thought in the beginning is that they would be a temporary solution. A YEAR later, my trays were overflowing with “stuff”! This is something I also see in my practice.

TV Trays, small tables, dining room tables, and counters are open to clutter and collection of stuff! They seem like good ideas for space to place things but they are dangerous areas.I found it easy to just put papers and whatnot on these trays and take my time in finding proper homes for them. Also there is the illusion that since they are small spaces that the clutter can’t really happen. Obviously that’s not true. You can clutter ANY space.

Another feature of TV Trays are that they are movable.I found myself moving the full trays out-of-the-way and forgetting about them. No bueno (not good). Out of sight, out of mind. I think I even bought more TV trays and brought them in . Why didn’t I just buy a desk and drawers for files? (I finally did.) The lessons I learned were: Clutter happens easier on smaller spaces; Buy what you need to store stuff as soon as you can;  and you should only use TV trays to eat on and put them away after you’re done.


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Super Tip Tuesday: Declutter vs Unclutter


I see the use of both words Declutter and Unclutter in relation to “getting rid” of stuff. sometimes I use one word and other times I use the other. The prefix “de-” suggests completeness and finality (i.e. destroy, demolish, deflate, depart). while, on the other hand, the prefix “un-” implies the reversal r opposite  of something than can also lead to finality (i.e. untarnished, unharmed, untainted, unencumbered). The dictionary gives them both the same definition: verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 1. to remove mess or clutter from (a place). 2. to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, materials) ; to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc. 

My thought on this is that whichever word you use that the big point is to simplify your life and possessions. Take a look around your surroundings and REALLY ask yourself how much of the stuff do you use on a regular or semi regular basis; how much of the stuff is sentimental and really important for you to keep. Can you let go some of it? Does it free up space for you? Will life become easier?

I invite you to Declutter/unclutter!


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