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I Totally Forgot I Still Had That!

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I’m inviting you all to a challenge.

For many of us, clothes and shoes are the bane of our existence. We have pounds and pounds of clothes or racks and racks of shoes. Ask yourself, do you wear 90 percent of your clothes? If you do, then you are doing great!! You must rotate well and like the diversity of your wardrobe. If you are anything less than 90 percent, then this challenge is for you!

My goal is for you to reduce clutter and keep what you actually wear. And I will expand this to clothes of different seasons.So if you divide your clothes into seasons, this challenge is for the current season.

I want you to pick 3 things you haven’t worn in 6 months or longer and wear them within this next week! 

When you pick those three things, if you can’t fit any of them or they are stained, ripped beyond repair, its time to get them out the house,

I am going to do the challenge myself and post pics on my FB page @thesuperorganizer

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Shelf Dividers for Organization


There are ways to make your existing shelf space work for you. In some cases you need a shelf to house multiple items. In other cases you need to found ways to make MORE room on your shelves. Shelf Dividers are one great way to do both. I saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Then I saw this on Walter Drake.


All of them are inexpensive!

Happy Shopping!


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The Art of Starting Small


I talk about starting small frequently in this blog. I really believe for some people starting small is the way to go. Even for ME!

This weekend I walked into my bedroom and looked around and it was a mess!  I have a nice big bedroom and part of it is my home office. So my desk and shelves were messy with papers and receipts. I had a busy week of work (thank the Gods!)and each night hadn’t kept up with my organization. In one corner I had a pile of clean clothes on a chair that I hadn’t folded and put away. Another corner was a pile of garden supplies that I had bought earlier in the week. I was going to work in my garden at some point. Midweek I got the urge to paint! Yes I paint (I hope to have an art show in 2015.)  I had all of that set up in my room. A table of art pieces drying and in various stages. The bins of art supplies out and open. So yes my room was in disarray. I NORMALLY don’t let it get to this point, but this time of year gets REALLY busy for me and I have lapses. They don’t last long but they do happen. I AM human like everyone else.

SO I look at my room and know NOT to get overwhelmed! I am trained to know that getting overwhelmed does not help anything. My BIGGEST piece of advice to any of you facing a really messy, cluttered or disorganized space is: Take a deep breath. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. And pick a spot and start small.


I don’t know why starting small gets a bad rap or is easily dismissed. When we talk about toddlers taking baby steps, isn’t it a good thing? Does it not lead to walking? For me its a psychological thing, to take start small can feel more manageable. If you accomplish (finish) sections or spots or spaces or even a pile, then you feel good. When you feel good, then you may be more likely to want to continue. It is easy to look at a big thing (for example a messy cluttered room) and get discouraged and NOT take action. So when I suggest starting small, I’ve had people ask me if that’s a bad idea. They’ve been drilled with having to “go big or go home.” Or filled with the notion that starting small is somehow an inadequacy. I feel that we took step away from worrying about the end result. Though I believe in looking at the big picture, it’s the small steps to get there that is the bigger deal. Take those “baby steps”. You will end up “walking” down your pass of success.

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3 Great Organizational Tips For Beauty Supplies!

People send me things related to organization all the time! Clients sometimes TEACH ME an organization tip. I read up on everything organization. I’m always open to learning everything I can. I want to be able to present my clients with the best options that would work for them. Here are 3 great tips I’ve learned about in relation to organizing and/or storing beauty products:

Use a cake stand.



Sunglass/glasses case.




A Spice Rack!!




I’m also a big fan of repurposing items! Finding a second use for something that is possibly just sitting around and collecting dust makes me happy! AND we are helping the environmnt.

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Fast Friday Tip- Do A Daily Sweep Of The House


Do you want to keep everything in its place? Are you tired of stepping on stuff on your floor? Or stepping over it? From time to time I will give you a suggestion on how to change that situation. So here is the first suggestion of how you can fix that?

Every morning (or every evening)  walk around the house and I take a basket/box/container with you. Anything that doesn’t belong in a room goes in the basket/box container and gets returned to where it should be.  ( A tote bag could also work in place of the others.)


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Super Tip Thursday- Don’t Make Things Difficult For Yourself


Don’t make things hard for yourself….when it comes to organizing. AS you are getting organized, you want to create processes that are simple and accessible. The fewer the steps, the greater chance you will stay organized. For example, you want all dirty clothes off the floor and organized somewhere. Get hampers that have no lids or covers. Label the hampers (whites. colors or kids, adults or towels/sheets, clothes) whatever will work for you and your household. Place the hampers in a spot in the laundry room that is open and easy to get to. Make it so easy that people in your house can’t miss them.

Staying organized doesn’t have to be an everyday burden. You want to make it part of your life. You want it to be a great addition.To add to the example above, if you don’t want to get hampers, use boxes or big plastic containers. And the location can be wherever you think its easiest for the other people in the house. Maybe its the mudroom  or the bathroom, or in the upstairs hallway. The goal is to make it easy and simple and helpful.

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Super Tip Saturday- Organization Under The Bed

I’m a fan of using the space under the bed for storage. In some spaces, it is necessary to use under the bed to store items such as toys, sweaters, pictures, etc. I lived in what they called an efficiency. It was a studio apartment without a real kitchen. I had to be creative with my storage space and under the bed worked really well for me.  OF course, I say this with the understanding that its needs to be neat and organized under there.

You can get those giant zipped type plastic bags where you hook up the vacuum and it sucks the air out. You can store A LOT that way! Also there are different size plastic containers that can slide in and out from under the bed. And of course some beds come with drawers underneath for storage.

One place to start looking is

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