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When Can I Throw Away Old Tax Records?!



Papers Papers Papers Papers!! Doesn’t it seem like papers multiply like rabbits?! Papers can be a nuisance yet¬†some¬†papers are important and necessary!Tax season is in a last few weeks and I’m all about the purge, but before you do so:
Certain papers and documents and files are to be kept for a certain number of years. Check your tax professional, accountant, office manager, whomever handles this and make sure you keep the right files. Once you do than you can file them away OR put them in storage (labelled of course) and purge the rest!!!

And also another tip is to get a scanner and you can scan your documents onto your computer and keep them in a folder. AND again because you don’t want clutter on your computer either, check with your professionals as to when you can delete that file,.

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