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Organized Living!


I wanted to give a shout out to one of my colleagues in the world of organizing, Organized Living.  In my business we rely on the companies that provide tools, furniture, supplies, electronics that help us do our jobs!


Organized Living brings home organization to life through a combination of strong products, people and brand. Organized Living manufactures products with you in mind. Their products improve your life by reducing stress and saving time and money. AS a Professional Organizer, I strive for that everyday for me and my clients!

I met them through Twitter! Nice bunch of folks out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a bunch of great products to help you organize your home or garage. AND they were so sweet to send me something that I can’t get unless I pay A LOTT of money online or go to WHERE it is available, OHIO. (I’m in California) They sent me Skyline Chili!! I am in heaven! Its my favorite chili! Thanks to Jenni!!!


You can click on the Organized Living link in the first paragraph. And you can find them on Twitter @organizedliving and on Facebook.


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A Nice Website for Moms


From time to time I will highlight other websites and blogs that I like and find useful. Places I think might be useful to YOU, my viewers. Today i’m highlighting has over 90 areas of resources for you, as a mom. We address everything from Adventures to Education to Health and Travel. Together we share the highs and lows of mastering motherhood! Although they are based in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, so much of their resources are universal. You can purchase books and DVDs. I feel the bloggers are relatable and sometimes funny and other times serious. It’s a comfortable place to go to. Very useful stuff there.

Click on the highlighted words to reach them additionally.They are on Facebook and Twitter @daytonmomspot and Pinterest


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