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I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions!

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I am not a fan of the New Years Resolution. For me it has a negative association with not being serious or realistic. January 1st feels like a resetting and rebirth for many people. It is a chance to wrong your rights from the year before and start anew. Many people set a “resolution” and go hard the first couple of days or first couple of weeks and then go right back to the old behavior.

I’m about looking at the big picture and being honest with yourself. I am about setting some goals for the year. 

I dont view the new year as new. I view each Jan 1st as a continuation of my journey. I don’t discount or try to erase what I did or did not do the year before. I look at it and learn from it. I will use parts of it to help me do better in the new year.

I set goals and give myself the whole year to accomplish them. I give myself permission to set my own pacing and if it takes ALL year , that is fine. Also I may not start Jan 2nd, I may start Feb 1st…and that’s okay.

The MAIN goal for me is always to affect change and create habits that will realistically improve my life.  AS I say, small steps can lead to large rewards. I want things to STICK! And I give my permission to be human. There is no such thing as perfection!

I believe in all of you!!!

Happy 2019!

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It’s New Years Day Everyday!


Today is the last day of the year. It is the last day of 2014. The year went by fast didn’t it? It did for me! I accomplished so much this year. As I reflect back I feel good about 2014. Now its time to look to 2015! It’s time to focus on the upcoming year. One thing came to the forefront this year that I am going to take with me into 2015 and beyond AND  I am going to share it with you.

Everyday of the year is New Years Day!

Today is the day that many people shore up their New years resolutions. They talk about what they are going to start doing Jan 1st or Jan 2nd. Ha! I don’t particularly like the term New Years Resolution but I like the idea of having dreams and goals. What I have realized is that each new day is an opportunity to start over. Every day you wake up, it is a chance to go for your dreams. Every day the sun comes up, you can restart!

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Why wait til New Years to go for what you want? What if you start that goal on Jan 1st and by Jan 15th you are over it, or not motivated anymore? Do you abandon it until the next Jan 1st? I invite you to not succumb to the pressures of the “New Years Resolution” and remember that ANY day of 2015 you can start something. I’ve started things at different times of the year and reached my goals.

My wish is for each one of us to reach our full potentials in 2015.  May everyday be a new beginning for everyone! Happy New Years to You!

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Say No To New Years Resolutions!


It’s that time of year. I’m starting to get asked “what is your New Years resolution?” I hate that question. Actually hate is a strong word. I dislike that question. I dislike that question as much as I dislike the word diet. That word and the question about resolutions put a bad taste in mouth and I have taken them out of my vocabulary. They usually go hand and hand, so it’s easy for me to do that. I have another approach to the New Year.

The connotations with New Years resolutions and diet are negative. For me that represent the set up to fail. Talk to some of your friends in February or March. Are they still as dedicated as they were on Jan 1st or 2nd? The expectations seem so high when you mention those words! So much to live up too. For some people it works. Jan 1st seems like a nice tangible place to start. I’d like to think that everyday has the potential of being New Years Day!

My approach is less strict and demanding. I have goals and dreams all the time. I have them year round. Sometimes they change. On January 1st I enjoy January 1st. But sometime either at the end of the year or in January, I think of things that I would like to have happen I the coming year. Instead of dieting, I say that I would like to eat healthier this year. Take the pressure off yourself to lose weight. Obviously eating healthier will help you lose weight. The bit by bit start to eat healthier. Don’t try to do it all at once. Don’t put a timeline on yourself. Just start little by little. Choose a healthy breakfast once a week. Start taking a walk around the block after dinner a few times a week. Start small if you need to. It’s okay. It’s not a race.

I have a white board that I write down a few things I want. I leave it up for me to see. It may be just a word, or a phrase, or a picture. It’s there. And at some point In the year, I will work on it. I don’t look at it as resolutions. I’m not resolving anything. I’m moving forward. Where I was was where I was. It was where I needed to be at that given time. Now I’m choosing to move forward and onto another phase of my life.

Take the pressure off yourself! Jan 1st is just a day in many. Everyday is a chance for you to work on things and achieve whatever you want.


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