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Music I Like To Organize TO: Anastacia


Anastacia!!I LOVE HER!! She has a powerful voice and many of her songs are strong, upbeat, positive songs!! Great beats! I always feel motivated when I put her on and organize and clean!

She’s American who found fame in Europe!! You can go to for more on her!




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Music I Like To Organize To- “System” by Seal


Taking Madonna’s producer for 2005’s Number one dance album Confessions On The Dance Floor, Stuart Price, Seal released what I think is his most underrated album. System follows Madonna’s cue and is a full out dance/disco album! I LOVE IT! The songs work well together!


You can play the whole album, not a bad song in the bunch. Each song has a message, which is great in dance music which is branded as soulless. His soulful vocals lay on top and work through the beats.There is even a duet with his now ex wife Heidi Klum. It went gold (500,000 copies sold). Its an album I still play 8 years after it was released.  My favs are “Loaded”, “Dumb” and “The Right Life”. I suggest you all give it a chance.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Seal.

No. Title Music Length
1. “If It’s in My Mind, It’s on My Face” Seal, Eric Schermerhorn, Stuart Price 5:11
2. “Amazing” (Thin White Duke Edit) Seal 3:27
3. “Just Like Before” Seal, Schermerhorn, Price 4:42
4. “Loaded” Seal, Bill Bottrell, Price 5:20
5. “Wedding Day” (Duet with Heidi Klum) Seal, Schermerhorn, Price 3:57
6. “System” Seal, Schermerhorn 3:48
7. “Dumb” Seal, Christopher Bruce, Schermerhorn 4:12
8. The Right Life Seal, Price 5:09
9. “Rolling” Seal, Schermerhorn 4:30
10. “Immaculate” Seal 4:04
11. Amazing Seal 3:0


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Music I Like To Organize To- 6 Songs I Like To Organize To

I’m going to share with you SIX songs that I like to play when I organize. Some of these songs you may have heard of, others are very obscure and weren’t “top 40′ hits. My musical taste is all over the place, as you will see. SO here you go:


1- “Setting Sun” by Darren Hayes. The former Savage Garden lead singer, put out several solo albums. This comes from an excellent DOUBLE album (2007’s This Delicate Thing We Made). The slightly distorted vocals, the pulsating drum beat, all of it works for me!

2- “What A Feeling”- “Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland. Fun dance song! Such happy lyrics! Ex-Destiny Child Member Kelly Rowland knows how to sing a dance song!!! It makes me want to clean and organize. Released in 2011.

3- “Bitchin”– The Donnas  It’s a short song. Most of it is instrumental. The vocals don’t come till nearly the end. It is heavy metal sounding girl power! The heavy drums and guitars drive me crazy…. and a good way!!!  This comes from the all girl groups last studio album of new material (2007). I put it on and i get in the mood to work.


4- “6 Underground”– Sneaker Pimps  90s Trip Hop at its best! Nearly 20 years later, I still love this song. Its slow and steady.

5Love Light”– Robbie Williams. I’m still bitter that Robbie didn’t make it bigger here in America. He has a great voice, charisma for days and great songs! This song off of 2006’s Rudebox CD is so good. His higher vocal, mid tempo but steady drum beat, and a great female vocal towards the end make this a great song to organize to.

6“Stare Into The Sun”– Graffiti 6. I caught them on a late night show once and fell in love with their music. This song has a higher male vocal and pop/dance beat. This soulful 2012 song comes from this English Duo’s debut CD, “Colours”.


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Music I Like TO Organize To- Madonna “Ray of Light”


The other day I was about to start a large organizing project (for myself) and I was looking for full length albums to listen too.I wanted about five or six. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to find albums where i like EVERY song ( or just about every song)! Do you have albums in your collections that you can listen to all the way through and you are transported to a certain emotion or emotions? I have some and on that day one of the albums I unearthed from my collection was Madonna’s Ray of Light!

Ray of Light is the seventh studio album by Madonna, released on March 3, 1998 by Maverick Records. She said that she wanted to make “an electronic album with soul”. Her point (and  kinda true) was that a lot of electronic music was mindless and club party music where the beat was more of the focus. She had dabbled a little bit into the electronic world with a song off of her Bedtime Stories album called Bedtime Story (co-written by Bjork). I loved THAT song!

From the first song Frozen (with that amazing video) to the last song Mer Girl, I feel she achieved her goal!! I love dance music and I love Madonna and the two really work well together on this album. Her voice sounds strong (thanks to her vocal training from Evita, which was a few years earlier.) Each song takes me somewhere. I hadn’t played it in a long time and I was reminded how much I enjoyed it! It was her “comeback” album. It was another reinvention for her (as Earth Mother).  It finally brought her Grammy wins and mass critical acclaim.  And it’s now part of the music I like to organize to!

The album can be found everywhere online or in your local record store (YES there are a few left like Amoeba in Hollywood and SF or Bleecker Street Records in NYC.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length


“Drowned World/Substitute for Love”

Madonna, William Orbit, Rod McKuen, Anita Kerr, David Collins

Madonna, Orbit




Madonna, Orbit

Madonna, Orbit



“Ray of Light”

Madonna, Orbit, Clive Muldoon, Dave Curtis, Christine Leach

Madonna, Orbit



“Candy Perfume Girl”

Madonna, Orbit, Susannah Melvoin

Madonna, Orbit




Madonna, Patrick Leonard

Madonna, Orbit, Marius de Vries



“Nothing Really Matters”

Madonna, Leonard

Madonna, Orbit, de Vries



“Sky Fits Heaven”

Madonna, Leonard

Madonna, Orbit, Leonard




Madonna, Orbit

Madonna, Orbit




Madonna, Leonard

Madonna, Orbit, Leonard



“The Power of Good-Bye”

Madonna, Rick Nowels

Madonna, Orbit, Leonard



“To Have and Not to Hold”

Madonna, Nowels

Madonna, Orbit, Leonard



“Little Star”

Madonna, Nowels

Madonna, de Vries



“Mer Girl”

Madonna, Orbit

Madonna, Orbit





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Three Current Songs I Like To Organize To

Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea


International Smile by Katy Perry


Dagger by Trevor Simpson and the Cataracs


Sometimes a good song can help you stay motivated while organizing. These three are on the top of my playlist right now!!







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Music I Like To Organize To: “Beyonce” by Beyonce



This was a surprise to me! I like Beyonce and have all of her solo albums. When I got this album, I liked it and played it a few times then put it away. Then a couple of weeks ago I put it on while organizing a clients place and it really kept me going during that session. The mid tempo and fast songs work in the background and the slow songs are nice. She once again makes some interesting music choices and samples (included on “Flawless” is her pre-Destiny Child’s Star Search appearance as Girls Tyme).  And she did videos for each of the songs! Other albums of hers were obvious choices as good music to organize to (B Day, Dangerously In Love) but this one creeped up on me! Now its on heavy rotation!




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