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Super Tip Tuesday- Tips To Improve A Resume


My resume posts seem to be popular with my readers. There are so many mistakes that are made when writing a resume that even seemingly smart people make. I want all of us working and making money. I will continue to offer any advice and tips and news I find out. 

Remove everything that starts with “responsibilities included” and replace that with on-the-job accomplishments.

A resume is a marketing piece that presents you in the best possible light, for the purpose of getting invited to a job interview. It’s not an official personnel document, job application, career obituary or a confessional.

Decide on a job target/job objective that can be stated in about 7 to 10 words. Anything beyond that is probably “fluff” and indicates a lack of clarity and direction.

If you’re over 40 or 50 or 60 , remember that you don’t have to present your entire work history! You can simply label that part of your resume “Recent Work History” or “Relevant Work History” and then describe only the last 10 or 15 years of your experience. At the end of your 10-15 year work history, you could add a paragraph headed “Prior relevant experience” and simply refer to any additional important (but ancient) jobs without mentioning dates.

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