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March Forth on March 4th

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And I am also treating it as a verb! March forth on March 4th! 

I invite every person who reads this blog to pick 4 things that they havent either: worn, read, or used AND USE THEM TODAY!! 

Wear those shoes!
Read that magazine sitting on your table!

Try it and let me know!

I’m gonna do it too and post my four things on here! 


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March 4 Has Double Meaning!


I like the above statement. It’s a date and a directive.

So today I am marching forth…

I am going to continue my commitment to stay organized.

I am going to continue my promise to be there for you all in getting organized.

I am going to work hard to life my best life possible.

I am going to work hard to help you see things in a new way so that you can live your best life possible!

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