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The Super Organizer Likes To Help A Lott

I am a Certified Life Coach and I have a coaching practice. A week ago I fulfilled a dream of mine and released a Life Coaching Series Podcast! Its called 15 Life Tips to Self Care Series One. I chose 15 topics that came up in my life coaching and address them in plain speak. They are audio and not long, between 8-20 minutes long. They also kicked off the Lott of Help podcast, where i have people who are coaches, motivational speakers, and  community leaders talk about important issues we are facing. This work is extremely rewarding to me and I love sharing it with the world.

15 Tips to Self Care Series One was released on my 3 year anniversary as a life coach. Right now it is available on my page. iTunes and iHeart radio are next! Click HERE to go to series. Enjoy!


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