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DO Not Leave Your Hotel Key Card!!!


If you’re like me, I travel a lot, and stay in hotels, you get a keycard. I used to sometimes leave them in the room when i was leaving. I didn’t think much it until I saw a news item the other night saying folks at this one hotel  had their credit card info stolen and it was directly from the keycard! The Keycard?!

Depending on the type of card and format, the magnetic strip of a keycard can hold more information than some people realize. This was a plot point in  TV Show 24 season one. The fact is that hotel keycards are capable of storing a good amount of the data about you that the hotel has on file,

  • Customers (your) name
  • Customers partial home address
  • Hotel room number
  • Check in date and check out date
  • Customers (your) credit card number and expiration date!

Some say its okay and NOT a risk because not every hotel does this, the information on the card can vary. Ive been hacked in a variety of unusual ways in the past couple of years, so I don’t take any chances!

The bottom line is, keep the cards or destroy them or turn them into the front desk! NEVER leave them behind. 


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